Life Changing Out Reach Programs & Services

Minnesota's Information Technology Social Service

is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “empower” men and
women to reach their full economic potential by helping them cross the
Digital Divide.

It is our goal to serve families, and individuals who are unemployed or
underemployed and are in need of information technology training.

We empower our clients by offering free Microsoft and Apple work place software  
training, and web based productivity tools.
The I.T. Gap is the Digital Divide

The digital divide
refers to the gap between individuals, households, businesses and
geographic areas at different socio-economic levels with regard both to their
opportunities to access information and communications technologies and to their use
of the Internet for a wide variety of activities.
It includes the imbalance both in physical access to technology and the resources and
skills needed to effectively participate as a digital citizen. Knowledge divide reflects
the access of various social groupings to information and knowledge, typically gender,
income, race, and by location.
Our mission is to assist in the development of  men, women, and youth boys & girls, culturally, academically, socially, and economically; and to offer programs & services
which are designed to help them develop maturity, responsibility, self-esteem, and control over their lives while setting future goals and making the best possible decisions.