Sneezy Dave

Bless you, Sneezy Dave

A series of small videos showing the misadventures of Sneezy Dave. These videos will be the death of me. I can't quite recall what gave me the idea to do these but I know I'll be doing more of them. Does anyone know where I can get hold of some green slime?

Hope you enjoy these

Sneezy Dave 01

The first. The original Sneezy Dave. Badly scripted. Badly lit. Badly edited. It's so bad it's great!


Sneezy Dave 02

The second in the series. Hence the title. I personally find this one funnier than the first. Hopefully, number three will be funnier than number two.

This is a good number two, though.


Sneezy Dave Number 03

Sneezy Dave has a go at Elvis impersonating. It's a shame he can't past the first three syllables. This one was fun to make. My first attempt at some real editing.

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