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11th Apr 2007. 2:55pm

We're still in the Easter holidays. No work today. I got a letter today from Britain's Got Talent letting me know that I didn't get through to the second round. Big thanks go to everyone who gave me support. Especially Sarah, Steve, Matt and Sharmaine who were good enough to come with me to the audition. I guess I'll have fun watching the series now.


30th Mar 2007. 4:32pm

I entered one of my images in to a competition over on The idea was to use the new mancandy rig in a precarious situation. So I decided, as the software I use is called Blender, I'd chuck him in a blender.



12th Mar 2007. 11:28pm

I've updated my music page with a new MP3 player. At last! An MP3 player that holds all of my tracks.

I really need to get some smilies for this site.

I've still not heard from Britain's Got Talent. In another 4 weeks, I can stop wondering.

I'm getting a bit ingrossed in the unbeatable Blender/Indigo combination. Making all sorts of crappy pictures that many people probably find incredibly pointless! Hey. It's my life, innit?

If there's anyone out there that keeps dropping by my site, please do sign my guestbook and keep in touch. It's nice to know who's viewing.


25th Feb 2007. 3:43pm

Oh my God! It's been over a month since I've been here!

Yesterday I had a first stage audition for ITV's Britain's Got Talent. I went in nervous and came home just as nervous. I won't found out if I go any further for 4 to 6 weeks! I'd like to say a big thanks to Sarah, Steve, Sharmaine and Matthew for coming with me and everyone else who's been wishing me good luck. I really appreciate it.


18th Jan 2007. 1:18am

Well, yesterday had it's ups and downs.


  • Got paid
  • Got my new second-hand Yamaha electronic piano
  • Worked out how to use SSS from the Blender to Indigo latest exporter


  • Paid stuff out
  • Felt really tired all day

The site is being viewed by an average of 4 users every day! Wooooo. I think. I don't know how many are checking the small talk though ;)


14th Jan 2007. 4:04am

I really should be in bed.  My latest animation took a whole day to render. Hmmmm.


9th Jan 2007. 1:32am.

All singing...

I got round to adding all of my uploaded songs. Sadly, each one is in a seperate MP3 player instead of all in a single playlist. I'll get there though. I've been back on the school runs. Up early in the mornings. Driving all day. Got to earn a crust, though, right?


7th Jan 2007. 3:25am.

What a performance.

Another day done. I managed to put a few of my performances on the site today. It was hard work getting those songs to play. I ended up with just two for now. More next time.


6th Jan 2007. 10:57pm.

Britain's got talent.

I have applied to the new ITV1 talent show, Britain's Got Talent. As a singer. I have emailed them a clip of myself singing "You Got It". I'm gonna put it on this site too, when I decide where it belongs. Videos or Music. Meanwhile, if you'd like to see it, click this link. If you're a member on youtube, please leave me some feedback.


6th Jan 2007. 12:10am.

Day Two.

I have had this website now for a whole day. 24 hours. I think it's coming along quite nicely. I've added Humour, Pictures, Animations, About Me, Links and you can contact me by email. I just need to do the songs.

We had a little karaoke at home earlier. And I do mean little. Like 6 songs. But it was cool, cos it was interrupted by the man delivering chinese food. Piper's having mood swings. Great. Bye bye day one.


5th Jan 2007. 5:30pm.

The problem with a personal website

It strikes me that the only problem with this personal website is feedback. Being the kind of person I am (attention seeking show-off), I like to get feedback on what I do. That's not too easy with a personal website. People can view my pictures, videos, hear my singing - and whatever else I do here - but the only way to leave feedback is the guestbook.

And, be honest, who can be bothered to navigate all the way back there just to leave a comment? I know I wouldn't.

Ah, well. I should just be content that I have a place to show off my content. And stop whinging.


5th Jan 2007. 2:57pm.

Fine tuning my website

What fun. I've added an MP3 player to the music page. It's only temporary. Just while I work out what to put on there. I've added a guestbook too. You can get to it from the home page. Please go and leave me a comment.

I've also added a links page. I'll probably get round to adding picture links into that page.

Any suggestions (from people who know me) about what else I can do with my site are more than welcome.


5th Jan 2007. 5:17am.


All evening I've been working on this here website. The one you're reading right now. And, to be quite honest, I'm quite happy with it. But I'm exhausted. So I should stop typing and go to bed.

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