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I like pictures. Taking 'em. Makin' em. Fakin' em. Shake it like a polaroid picture. Hey, ya!

A lot of my pictures won't make it here. I have a lot of pictures. Many, many pointless, waste of space, "what the hell is that" type pictures. Those won't make it here. This space is reserved for my best and favourite pictures.

If you, the viewer, think they are pointless, a waste of space and think "what the hell is that" - I am crap at pictures. Hopefully, though, you will enjoy what I have to show.


3D Pictures

I decided to remove my Blender 3D gallery and just have an all-encompassing 3D gallery. This includes pictures that were rendered using Indigo so it's not strictly just Blender.

Most of the pictures were selected for the gallery by Sarah. This gallery forms the basis of my portfolio, so I would like as many people as possible to view it, rate the pictures and leave comments and critique.

3D Graphics
Please view and comment on my images. Thank you.


Karaoke at Enfield Middlesex University (29th Nov 2007)

Especially for those who were there:

Karaoke at Middlesex Uni, Enfield


Comic Strips (update 21st Oct 2007)

I've just recently started drawing comic strips on my computer with the help of my trusty £35 Genius graphics-tablet. Coming up with ideas for these is quite difficult but great fun. If you don't get the jokes, don't worry too much.

My Cartoon Strips



Paintings, portraits and sketches.

All Dressed Up...

and going nowhere

Photos of me, mostly, dressing up for the part. One of these pics isn't actually me. See if you can guess which one.

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