My favourite places on the internet

Well, obviously, there's BloopDiary. A free online diary/journal site created by my very own brother, Steve.

And here is a link to Sarah's website.

And the website for Blender, the 3D package I use ALL THE TIME!! My favourite renderer, Indigo, which I now use ALL THE TIME to render pictures I created in Blender.

If you're a Blender user from the UK, check out and if you're new to Blender check out Blender Underground.

The official website for my favourite TV Sci-Fi Sitcom, Red Dwarf, which I used to watch ALL THE TIME!! Red Dwarf is the BEST.

MySpace is definitely NOT one of my favourite places. YouTube is!

For a list of great and free software, go to my cool free progs page.

Visit ELQX Studios to see some great 3D stuff.

I shall go now to think of more favourite places on the internet.

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