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What d'ya wanna know?

Who I am.

My name is Dave Collison. I'm 5'6" (see homepage) and quite round.


What I do.

I am a school bus driver during the day. I drive children to a unit for kids with behavioural difficulties. During the evening/night, I am a DJ, a karaoke host and a singer.

Other than that, I like to potter about on my PC creating and organising stuff. 3D graphics, play with photos, sing, muck around on bloopdiary.

I guess I'm kinda lucky.


What I don't do.

Drink. Just don't like to. Smoke. Just don't like to. Gamble. In case I lose. Except the lottery. Apparently the odds of winning the lottery are less than the odds of getting struck by lightning. Twice. So I'm trying to beat those odds.


Who I am.

I'm a joker. A prat. A piss-taker. I like to have a laugh at others. I like others to laugh at me. I try never to offend people. I hate to upset people. If I take the piss out of someone too much, and they let me know it, I stop. I very rarely overstep the bounds.

I'm intelligent (I can hear cries of "Big Head" already). I like to think I have my head screwed on. Well, when it comes to logic and stuff I do. I don't have an ounce of common sense. Where that's concerned I'm a complete idiot.

I'm a hard worker. When I eventually get round to it.

I'm a better-than-average jack of all trades. I try too many things. I'm good at a few. But exceptional at nothing. I often have many ideas on the go and very rarely finish any of them.

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