3D animation

Like 3D pictures. But moving!

All of my YouTube 3D videos plus links to some of my less favourites. All here. On my website. How clever of me. Mwah ha ha haaaa.

Focal counting

Ok. This one I did to test Depth of Field animation, vector blur (works nicely), soft reflections (on the floor) and camera jitter. The camera just focuses on the numbers, in sequence, from one to six. Simple :)

Soft body balls dropping

Blender now has adjustable Depth of Field. This affects the amount of blurring as you move away from the focal point of the picture. Well, I just had to try it out. So here are two very similar videos of some soft-bodied balls falling towards the camera. The first one (with the stripey balls) is focused around the very tall thin post. The second one's focus changes as the video progress, ending up on the jelly-like cube at the front.

#1 fixed focus

#2 animated focus

Eyes looking at you

The Fluid Simulation Videos

Believe it or not, these are my most popular videos on YouTube!

Part 1

Part 2

The Vanity Basin

Another example of me starting a project and never finishing it. This is my Vanity Basin. I was going to add nice mixer taps, cupboards, a medicine cabinet and toothbrushes and stuff. This is as far as I got. I am aware that the overflowing water doesn't look right. I may, one day, learn how to do that properly.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2 with Vector Blur

Vector blur was introduced into blender just before I did this project. I also used it on the second part of the fluid simulation. It's incredibly fast compared to normal motion blur techniques in blender.

Spinning Celtic Knot

Made with curves, array modifiers, HDR lighting and a spinning camera. Hands up if you understood all of that. I don't think there is anyway to set these animations on loop. Shame.

A Boat

A very small canal containing a very small model of a very small boat. No HDRI this time. Just a boat, some water and a nice backdroppy type thing. I'm very pleased with this animation, apart from some water hanging around the top edge of the boat.

 Big Kids Stay Out Of The Park

This is my favourite animation so far. It uses a technique called softbodies. I thought to myself (best way to do it), "What would happen if I dropped soft balls on to a soft spinning platform?" It ended up like this.

Cloth Drop

Believe it or not, this next animation uses the same technique as the last one. Softbodies. Apparently, there is talk of one day have cloth simulation in blender. I, personally, cannot wait to see that. Anyhow, I was trying to simulate cloth. It started off as rubber and ended up as satin or silk.

Walk and Wave from tutorial

This one, while not strictly my idea, was made by me from scratch. Following tutorial steps. I did add my own little tweaks here and there as well, such as more "floppiness" to the movement and motion blur. And a slight "nose".

The tutorial can be found at can be found here:
Introduction to Character Animation

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