The Big Dave C

Welcome to all about me.

I am the Big Dave C. All 5' 6" of me. Not particularly tall, I know. But I am big around the middle. Truthfully, I chose the Big Dave C mostly because I am a big fan of Roy Orbison (The Big 'O') and I am known in (very small) DJ-ing circles as Big Dave. So I thought, "Why the hell not?".

On this site you can view my artwork and animations, listen to my singing and read my waffling and humour. You can probably find out a little about me at the same time. I'm sure I may put some personal information on here somewhere.

And, by the way, I don't actually wear glasses.

message to all my lovely visitors

please ;)

Update 5th Jan 2009

Oh my god! Almost a year has passed with no changes or additions to the site and yet I still manage nearly 1000 new visitors. Phenomenal.

Happy New Year everyone!

Update 27th Jan 2008

Joy of joys! I have had my 1500th visitor to my little website. Marvelous.


Update 5th Jan 2008

This may be the last time I need to post an update on this page! If you look just under the clock, that is an RSS feed to my blog. So, from this moment on, I can update by posting the updates on my blog. Hurrah!


Update 4th Jan 2008

I have made a little progress on my other website ( I've repaired the CSS problem and added my blog RSS feed to the frontpage. Small step, I know, but it's getting there.

Update 30th Dec 2007

The year is nearly over, people. I still update here when I have a perfectly good blog I could use! Anyway, there's a new joke that's been added to the Classic Jokes page if you wanna have a look. Go on, it's worth a chuckle.

Update 25th Dec 2007

A great big MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. Have a great day to all who celebrate it. To those who don't? Have a great day anyway! :D


Update 4th Dec 2007

I have updated my picture galleries with a new link to my 3D work. I'd very much appreciate any of my visitors going to my 3D picture gallery and commenting on the images within. I could really use some help from your feedback, you lovely people.

To get to the gallery, click on the Picture Galleries link and scroll down to the 3D Graphics link. Thanks muchly.

Update 30th Nov 2007

Added some photos from last night's karaoke for the guys at Middlesex University Enfield Campus, as it's the last one to be held there. Ahhhh. Click HERE to see.

Update 23rd Nov 2007

1234 visitors. 1234. One thousand, two hundred and thirty four visitors. Lots. My other site has gone funny. Don't go there, man. Stay here. Look around. ;)

Update 16th Nov 2007

My site is now on it's 1200th visitor. I'm flabbergasted. I wonder how many people actually keep checking back to see if I've added anything new. I have no way of knowing! Now I am sad :( ;)

Sign my guestbook to let me know if you're a regular :)

Update 9th Nov 2007

A mention to my favourite website of the moment, Blender Underground, on my blog. Check it out. Also in my links section.

Update 29th Oct 2007

The transfer from this site to my other site isn't going according to plan. Because, right, I just keep on not getting round to it. I'm still not quite happy with the layout of my other site. Could too much flexibility be considered a problem?

I'm also trying to move over to ubuntu, so it's nice to see the google page creator working in linux.

Update 21st Oct 2007

Today my site clocked up it's 1110th visitor. I bet I miss visitor 1111!

My comic strips are going well, although I haven't had any published as yet. I might see what I can do about that. That would be nice. I'll update my comic strips web album right now. Do feel free to have a look, won't you?

Edit: Yup. Missed it. 1112 visitors.

Update 3rd Oct 2007

I'm going to start gradually moving the content of this site over to my other site. That site is

Not because there's anything wrong with this site, but because I need more control. And more flexibility. And I need to have it easier to update one item that is used on many pages. You just can't do that here.

Update 23rd Sep 2007 (2)

Woooooooh! 1001 visitors. This might not seem like a lot to anyone else, but to me it's a huge milestone!! I'm upset I missed the 1000 but hey, ONE THOUSAND AND ONE VISITORS!! Yay!

Update 23rd Sep 2007

As I go to bed, the counter is at 997. Tomorrow could see my 1000th visitor! I am so proud.

Update 21st Sep 2007

I've finished making my first blender video tutorial. Go to the Blender pages for details or click here to go straight to the tutorial.

Update 4th Sep 2007

Oh my gosh! 901 visitors. Oh, how I wish I had some way of finding out who was visiting my site so that I had some way of congratulating my 1000th visitor. Oh, well. C'est la vie, innit?

Update 3rd Sep 2007

I've been using my Deviant Art account that laid dorment for over a year quite a lot recently. Comic strips, 3D stuff, Ubuntu logos. Anyone who wants to have a look, just click here.

Update 19th Aug 2007

I have a new section in my Picture Galleries. Comic Strips. I am the official comic illustrator for the new Bloop magazine, Bloop Ninja. First issue not done yet. But there are three comic strips ready and waiting.

Update 18th Aug 2007

Hey, I've added some new books to the Made Up Books section. Quite a few actually. The only thing I regret about this googlepages site is how difficult it is to get feedback on a particular subject. Ah, well. Go have a look and have a laugh on me.

Update 7th Aug 2007

Added another joke (joke #4) to the classic jokes section. I did say I'd only add the best.

Update 4th Aug 2007

I'm learning HTML and CSS from scratch.

I stumbled upon a great website with some very easy to follow tutorials on HTML and CSS (amongst other bits) called In Pictures. I am following the tutorials in order to start me off with getting my head around beginning to understand how to use HTML and CSS properly.

If you are interested in these subjects or using Microsoft Office or Open Office properly, I strongly recommend you go and have a butcher’s (butcher’s hook = look). All of the tutorials are incredibly easy to follow, very easy on the eye and absolutely free.

The Devil missed me when he called.

Looks like, when visitor number 666 popped in, I was out! Oh, well. Never mind.

Update 5th Jul 2007

Today my site received it's 555th visitor! Woooooo. Exactly six months from launch, 555 visitors. Coulda been worse if there'd been 111 more, I suppose.

Check out the new Medical Alternative Definitions and the Made Up Books sections of the site. Your sure to find something in there to tickle your funny bone (humorus).

If you want to add something to any of my site that you think others will enjoy, contact me. I'll listen. Promise.

Update 4th Jul 2007

Sad to say my guestbook has started getting signed. Very sad. Sad because it's being spammed. My visitors don't go there. Spammers do.

On a brighter note, joke #3 has been add to classic jokes. And I'm adding a new section to the humour pages.

Update 30th Mar 2007

Oh, my! I won a competition. You can read about it on my Small Talk page.

Update 27th Mar 2007

Added a second (yes, second!) joke to the classic jokes page. That's how fussy I'm gonna be!

Also, the Cool Free Progs page is looking pretty, well, cool. Sorted it into freeware, open source and free-ish software, added "platform" icons (windows/linux/osx) and sorted the three categories alphabetically.

I really must learn so PHP and SQL and WTH (what the hell) is with all of these three letter abbreviation type things that have a name but I can't remember what it is...

Update 20th Mar 2007

Added a link to a list of the best cool free programs for people like me.

Update 12th Mar 2007

Well, hellooooo you. I found a new MP3 player for my music page. And, I added a new song. Don't. I'm not telling you not to. That's what the song's called. Don't. No, it's true. Don't.

Update 27th Feb 2007

I have added a section for Blender 3D. I will be searching the web looking for the best resources and organising some links to them. Video tutorials, models, materials, etc. And I will do my best to keep it as up to date as I can.

Update 25th Feb 2007

Sneezy Dave 3 is on the air! In my Sneezy Dave video section. And news about my audition in Small Talk.

Update 4th Feb 2007

Crikey, where's the time gone! I've added three new entries to my Alternative Definitions page (under P).

Update 22nd Jan 2007

A new entry in the Alternative Definitions dictionary.

Update 17th Jan 2007

Just the Small Talk page, really. Nothing much to report. New 3D images coming soon.

Update 13th Jan 2007

Ok, so, now I've added a counter to the site. And in the past twenty four hours.., SIX visitors. Wahoo-ish.

Also, I've added my latest video in to 3D animation.

Update 11th Jan 2007

Two new, but very similar, test videos in 3D Animations.

Update 10th Jan 2007

Brand new page!! Classic Jokes in the Humour pages. I will put jokes here ONLY if they are absolutely the best.

Update 8th Jan 2007

Alternative Definitions

My Videos - 3D Animation

And I have added all of the songs I have uploaded on to My Music page. Well, almost all. All apart from a song I performed with Steve. I'll ask if he'd want it posted.

Updated 6th Jan 2007

Alternative Definitions

Small Talk

My Videos - Music Videos (new page)

I managed to get two of my own songs on to my music page! Hurrah for me!

Comment my pics - 6th Jan 2007 2:37pm

I have just discovered that if you view my picture galleries and you view one picture on it's own, you can comment on it! I don't know if you have to be signed in with an account or anything but, I know comments are accepted. And now I dread the comments of me in an afro wig.

Almost there... - 6th Jan 2007 12:08am

I've nearly finished. There will always be more to do, which is good. Wouldn't want to keep visiting the same stuff all the time, would you?

But for now, I've got enough videos, pictures, humour and stuff on here. I still need to sort out my songs. I can hear shouts of "no rush" from all over the globe.

I guess I'll do some more tomorrow.

Added some videos - 5th Jan 2007 8:42pm

My Sneezy videos and some 3D animations are up on the site

Gallery updated - 5th Jan 2007 4:40pm

As of this moment I have three galleries. 3D, drawings and photo manipulation.

Oh, Look!

I added a guestbook. Go and sign it!


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