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     We looked at the AdvoCare products and said "what's the difference between these products and all the others?"  There are three main reasons why AdvoCare is superior.  But before we get into that, we want you to know that together we have lost close to 50 lbs; we have more energy than we have had in years.  This is after only 3 months of "Zoom Focus" (thanks Deanne Stephens).  Our goal is to make $6,000 a month by June and are focused on 6 figures a year by year's end.  Where else can you get rewarded so generously just for helping others meet their physical and financial goals?  AdvoCare is a simple and fun business.  It is a company like no other, with opportunities like no other!  If you are serious about your future, AdvoCare is your answer!
     The first reason AdvoCare is superior is because the products work, satisfactions guaranteed or your money back! It is that simple. Whether your looking for energy, help with weight loss, muscle gain, or just better overall  health, AdvoCare has solutions for you.  The second reason is the amazing Scientific and Medical Advisory Board.  These are the some of the best nutritional doctors in America, arguably in the world.  These are doctors who have made their living in the research and development of superior human health and nutrition, an example of this is Dr. Stanley Dudrick.  The third main reason is the athletes that endorse our products.  These are professional and semi-professional athletes use and endorse our products but receive no monetary compensation. They could get paid a lot of money from other companies, but they also chose to align themselves with AdvoCare because of who we are.
     So you already knew all that, right?  It is just a reminder of why we choose to be a part of this amazing company called AdvoCare!!!
We are so glad to have you part of our team!  We are striving for life on our terms and we want to TAKE YOU WITH US!  AdvoCare prides itself on helping others, so we hope this site helps you in your progression toward physical and financial freedom.  Please take the time to really get into this site.  It will take you far in your AdvoCare journey to become familiar with the resources found within.  Much of what you will find is a culmination of what our upline has already put together, we owe them so much!  (And yes, we got permission to use it!)  This is how the leadership of AdvoCare shines and we hope to encourage your leadership development as well.
So what is the next step?  Get familiar with the AdvoCare Lingo!!!