Human Pheromone Sprays

Human beings are not too unlike animals. And if you want to attract women on a primal, animalistic level, then your best bet is pheromones. Pheromones are a chemical substance produced by your body and can act as an aphrodisiac for women. How many your body naturally produces is up to luck: Your genes decide it almost entirely. So if your dad didn't naturally produce many, you might not either. This may be the reason why girls aren't attracted to you!

But thanks to the advances of technology, there is a solution! Opposite Attraction Pheromones can be applied to some special spots in your body and make you irresistible to women. If you decide to try it out, you have to make sure you get the best pheromones possible. Don't try the oil base ones, they're usually fake. Try and go for the spray versions. Here's a top 3 list.

Best Pheromones

1) Nexus Pheromones

This product has an unquestionable power over women. Don't be surprised if you get women talking to you in the streets on the same day that you put it on. It makes people think that you are the top dog in the house - the "Alpha" of the pack. 


And there's nothing that girls want more than to be with the Alpha male. Highly recommend this product to anyone that wants immediate results - it's the perfect cocktail of 7 human pheromones that will make you irresistible.

Nexus Pheromones

2) True Pheromones

If you want an effective product that also smells like high quality cologne, this is the one for you. It honestly offers two ups with no downs. The pheromones will make women instinctively attracted to you, and no girl out there doesn't like a good that smells good.

Pheromone Review

There's been studies that show that good smell is one of the Top 3 Things that women look for in men. So take a shower and put this on! You might meet someone within a few days. It's fairly cheap too.

3) Pheromone advantage

Probably the best pheromones product in the market right now. Not only is it the most professionally handled, arriving at your home within a week with no exceptions, but it is also the most effective one without a shadow of a doubt. 

Pheromone Products

The power of these pheromones is everything you will ever need if you want to make women instantly attracted to you. It's strong enough that some women can barely contain themselves. 

Resources of Pheromones

There are stories of people that met and got the numbers of 7 different girls within 5 hours of purchasing the product. It's truly amazing that technology has managed to make. Even males that naturally produce plenty of pheromones will see huge differences if they try this product. Highly recommended.