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The Best Of UFOs

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Paranormal Thoughts Podcast: Interview with Rev James Jones

Tom DeLonge UFO
Tom DeLonge Q&A on ATS
CLICK ON AboveTopSecret The former front man from BLINK182 gives up his career in pursuit of the truth. 
Tom DeLonge's first question and answer since he began his documentary about #Disclosure. Mind blowing!

Disclosure requires decades not days. Yet, it's all here. Just watch disclosure occur. Watch ALL the videos in chronological order and you will see, the media's been trying to tell you as much as they can. Just watch! You'll see what I mean. 

Gen Jerry Johnson's testimony is amazing. Pilots are in the sky more than most people. Listen to their eyewitness accounts and you'll be amazed. 


The Best Of UFOs

The Citizens Hearings On Disclosure
is absolute proof.

Retired Air Force Officials, former members of the FAA
and dozens more hidden.
The only one willing to listen
are former members of the U.S. Congress.
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Boyd Bushman
Ex Lockheed Martin engineer that on his deathbed
 claimed Roswell was true and aliens have visited
 earth for centuries.
With pictures and testimony
Boyd states a case of Alien contact that confirms
every major conspiracy theory.
alien drive tech
Pic of Alien drive system.

If you don't know about this, then prepare to have your mind blown!
From The Citizens Hearings On Disclosure Media Channel.
Capt. Robert Salas (USAF, Ret.) testifies...
The Arecibo message was answered.

1996 Freedom of Information Act

 Air Traffic sightings National Geographics Pilot UFO Sightings Documentary

 "I know What I Saw."  UFOTV

Rendlesham Forest 
 A first hand drawing of the glyphs that night turn out to be Sumerian text . 

Sumerian Glyphs
Reconstruction of the hieroglyphics found on the side of the craft. Engraved letters 3" tall by 2' long.  The entire craft was 9' long by 6' high in the middle.  It had no landing gear.  It floated on light.
rendlesham forest ufo markings

Lettering on the side of the craft translated to closest Sumerian glyphs we could find reveal this bizarre message. Take not there is still two symbols that contain an unknown meaning.
rendlesham forest binary code translated to summerian

A map of the locations in the code gives us this map of locations. 

A map of the concordances creates a path between the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt, The Great Mountain in China, The Temple of Apollo, Brazil and Sedona, Arizona.
Sedona, Arizona is where the "Phoenix lights" craft was headed towards.  Just to the east of Sedona is Meteor Crater park.  A mile wide crater visible from space.  At the center of the crater are two large cave entrances covered with large heavy bars when the search for the giant meteorite full of iron was began in 1935.
ufo truth
Binary decode LINK
Joe Luciano Ancient Aliens article

Travis Walton

His Story

West of Snowflake, Arizona. 11.5.1975 Travis Walton was abducted and released practically across the highway from Meteor Crater.

rendlesham forest black triangle

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