Best Free iPad Apps

We have searched and discovered some of the best iPad apps available, and the best part-they are all free! They are organized below into different categories so you can find the iPad apps that best fit your interests and needs.


AppMiner by Bitrino, Inc (FREE)
This app will scour the apps store and constantly look for new and updated apps and monitor the prices to notify you when apps go on sale, or are even free for selected periods of time. This is a great way to catch deals as they happen so they don't go by!

abc Notes by ALSEDI Group (FREE)
Designated as one of the most user-friendly note apps, abc Notes will help you remember everything on your to-do list! With an attractive interface and great functionality, this is a must-have for users looking to get a little more organized!

CloudOn by CloudOn, Inc. (FREE)

If you use your mobile devices for managing your files, this app is a must! It integrates with Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox accounts and brings users the ability to create, review and edit Microsoft Office documents!

Diigo Offline Reader by Diigo Inc. (FREE)
Use this app to sync with your Diigo bookmarks and use the web highlighter to highlight and add additional comments.

Dolphin Browser HD by MoboTab Inc. (FREE)

This app is for the iPad and serves as an alternative web browser. It offers a variety of unique features including tabbed browsing, a webzine for favorite websites, gestures to access frequent sites, full screen mode, and more.

Dragon Dictation by Nuance Communications (FREE)
This app allows users to speak into their iPad, and their words will be transcribed into text. After they have finished speaking, they are able to use cut and paste tools to transfer the text and clean up any inaccuracies.

box by Dropbox (FREE)
A simple
way to sync and share files online and across computers.

Duo Browser by (FREE)

This app gives users the ability to multi-task in the browser by utilizing two different side-by-side screens. Now you can read the Wall Street Journal and check your email simultaneously!

EasyTask by LLC (FREE)
This personal task manager is an easy way to keep track of projects, tasks, and anything else you need to get done. Organize projects and then prioritize tasks and track them as they are completed.

e-Task Project for iPad by Emagine Web Consulting (FREE)
e-Task is an iPad app meant to be used for online and mobile project management. Users have the ability to track leads, maintain client information, manage projects through tracking tasks and time, and more.

Evernote by Evernote (FREE)
This app is one of the most effective apps for organizing and remembering everything that is going on in your life. Take notes, jot down ideas, take recordings, and synchronize all information with a computer or other mobile device.

iCardSort by E-String Technologies Inc. (FREE)
Write ideas on a card and then group, order, and arrange the cards to explore various options and possibilities. This is a creative way to look at pros and cons of situations or ideas to help make decisions.

Idea Flight by Conde Nast Digital (FREE)
This is a must-have app for anyone utilizing their iPad to present and share information with others. As the "pilot", control the screens of multiple iPads of "passengers". Users can take on the role of the pilot or the passenger, and easily collaborate together!

Idea Sketch by Nosleep Software (FREE)
Create diagrams, concept maps, and flow charts, then convert them to a text outline or vice-versa. This app is great to use when brainstorming ideas, illustrating concepts, making lists or outlines, and creating organizational charts. by LogMeln, Inc. (FREE) is a new way to communicate live with others miles and miles away! With this app, conduct online meetings that users can attend through any device with the app and an internet connection.

MindMash by Numlock Business Solutions Co. (FREE)
MindMash is an app meant to be used for brainstorming and note-taking. Users are able to create thoughts and ideas through text, images, and drawings. They can then use these collections of notes and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and through email.

Popplet Lite by Notion (FREE)
This app is one of a kind in the sense that it moves as fast as your thoughts and keeps up with you. Record thoughts, plan projects, collect inspiration, and more-plus organize it all in one central place.

Prezi Viewer by Prezi Inc. (FREE)
Create a Prezi and download it to your iPad to show it anytime, anywhere! This app is great to easily create Prezi presentations on the fly, wherever you may be.

reQall by reQall Inc. (FREE)

Never forget anything again-this app will allow you to save ideas and reminders either by text or voice, and then import them automatically to email, calendar, and more and even set reminders. With this app, you will better manage your time and remember tasks!

SimpleMind+ by xpt Software & Consulting B.V. (FREE)
Easily create mind maps to share ideas with others, and utilize additional features including adding colors, lines, and shapes to present effective displays.

Skitch by Evernote (FREE)

This newly released app by Evernote to annotate and sketch over photos, screenshots, maps, and webpages, and then share with others over Twitter or email!

SpeakPad by (FREE)
This app will read aloud any text in 42 voices and 22 languages. Users simply open documents or web pages, and select the text they would like to have read aloud.

Sundry Notes by inZania LLC (FREE)
With Sundry Notes, users can write text, draw anywhere, research with the internet, import PDFs, images, and documents from Evernote, GoogleDocs and Dropbox, and share notes via Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Make it a multimedia note-taking experience by recording audio.

TeamViewer HD by TeamViewer (FREE)
Remotely access unattended computers directly from your iPad! Get fast, easy, and secure remote access to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

USB Disk by Imesart (FREE)
Store documents on your iPad, and then view them with the built-in document viewer. This app is easy to use, and allows users to view files anywhere.

Use Your Handwriting by Gee Whiz Stuff (FREE)
Use your finger to write quick notes, without having to worry about the pop-up keyboard. Choose between different writing styles, and this app will transform your writing with your finger into beautiful writing on your iPad.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary by Merriam-Webster, Inc. (FREE)
This app provides users with access to all the definitions from the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Additionally, users are able to use voice search to look up a word without having to spell it.

Qwiki by Qwiki (FREE)

This is the perfect app to explore literally anything. This app combines images, videos, text, and infographics to create a unique learning experience.

Wikipanion by Robert Chin (FREE)
The same content available on Wikipedia is now formatted to fit your iPad; it is highly accessible and has superior readability.


Flipboard by Flipboard Inc (FREE)
Earning the name of Apple's iPad App of the Year, this app is a great and beautiful way to go through news, photos, videos, and social media updates. Flipboard is like your own personal magazine, with everything you want to see in one single space.

Pulse News Reader by Alphonso Labs Inc (FREE)
This is one of the most popular iPad apps for its ability to display news in a fun and engaging way. Users are able to view their favorite websites in one place, and simply tap on an article to view the entire story in a clean and simple format. Stores are also easily shared via Facebook, Twitter, and email.


Photosynth by Microsoft Corporation (FREE)
A panorama creation app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas of places, people, and events. Allows you to not only make a panorama from left to right, but also up and down, enabling you to capture a full "sphere".

The Guardian Eyewitness by Guardian News and Media Limited (FREE)
With The Guardian Eyewitness, users are informed of current global events through some of the most distinctive and stimulating photographs ever taken.

Photo and Video

Mixel by Lascaux Co. (FREE)
This "social art" app puts a new twist on the iPad collage. It allows users to add video, audio, images, and more to create and remix beautiful collages.


TED by TED Conferences (FREE)
TED offers users access to talks from fascinating people all over the world; from medical marvels to business gurus. There are over 700 TEDTalk videos available, with more constantly being added. Users can create playlists, and select to watch videos even when a network connection is not available.

EasyBib by Imagine Easy Solutions (FREE)
Simply scan a book bar code or type in the name of a book, and a citation will be created in seconds. Choose from MLA, APA, or Chicago Style formats, and create and manage your works cited!

Edmodo by Edmodo (FREE)
Edmodo is a great tool for teachers and students to stay in touch outside of the classroom. Send notes, post replies, and get your questions answered on the go!

gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests by gWhiz, LLC (FREE)
This popular flashcard app is not only free, but also integrates with Google Accounts. Easily create and share flashcards and study on the go.

Leafsnap by Columbia University, University of Maryland, and Smithsonian Institution (FREE)
This is the first in a series of electronic field guides being developed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution. This app uses visual recognition software to help identify                                 tree species from photographs of their leaves. by (FREE)

Take this valuable tool wherever you go with the app! Download the app on your device, then sign into your account, and you will be able to access all the great training tools available through Lynda. Your progress is synced across devices, so you will be able to track it anywhere you access Lynda!

myHomework by Rodrigo Neri (FREE)
This app is focused to make the lives of students easier. They will easily see what is due so they will never forget an assignment again!

Quick Graph by Colombiamug (FREE)
Since when was a graphing calculator free? This app is a wonderful alternative to the often pricey graphic calculators. Use it to complete all the tasks you would need in both 2D and 3D views on a crystal-clear screen.

ScreenChomp by TechSmith Corporation (FREE)
This app is a great way to share an idea, explain a tricky concept, help someone with their homework, and more! A simple doodling board, markers, and one-click sharing tools make spreading your ideas easy and fun.

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard by Easel (FREE)
Record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online.

UIS Mobile by University of Illinois Springfield (FREE)

The must-have app for all UIS faculty, staff, and students! In one central location, access everything you need at your fingertips, in an environment with excellent accessibility! Keep up on campus news, find hours of computer labs, and everything else you would ever need to know, right at your fingertips.


Big Calculator by Tioga Designs, LLC (FREE)
This app was designed to take full advantage of the large iPad screen. Users are able to track previous calculations with the paper tape, and store what they have completed before they exit so they are able to start right where they left off at a later time.

iPDF Reader Free by (FREE)
With iPDF Reader, users are able to read PDFs, save them for reading offline, and access a library of books and PDFs containing a wide variety of subjects.


Free Books by Spreadsong, Inc. (FREE)
Over 23,000 classic books are available to download and read for free with the Free Books app. The built-in e-reader gives users instant access to books, and automatically bookmarks so users can return to the same spot when they use the app again.

iBooks by Apple (FREE)
iBooks is an app that turns the iPad into an e-reader. Browse the iBookstore where you can download the best-selling books or classics, and they will be stored in your library. Bookmark pages of your favorite books, and add notes to specific passages.


QuickVoice Recorder by nFinity Inc (FREE)
This is the most popular iPad/iPhone voice recorder available, and it's absolutely free! From voice memos, voice email, lists, meetings, classes or lectures, this app can be used for professional, educational, and personal use. 

Citrix Receiver by Citrix Systems, Inc. (FREE)

This Citrix Receiver app is free and offers users the same accessibility to programs they receive when they connect to Citrix Receiver from their desktop or laptop! Install this app on your mobile device, and you will be able to remotely connect to UIS desktops and utilize all the programs.


Box for iPhone and iPad by Box, Inc. (FREE)

Download the Box app to access your files uploaded to Box across devices! This app is a secure way to download, edit, and manage all of your files from anywhere.

Social Networking

Facebook by Facebook, Inc. (FREE)

Facebook finally released their app for the iPad last year, and it’s interface boasts simple navigation on your mobile devices.

Skype by Skype Software S.A.R.L. (FREE)
Call, video call, or instant message anyone on skype. 


RemembeRing by Madcap Studios, Inc (FREE)
Fun, colorful game that mixes paced recall memorization with hand-eye coordination. 


123D Sculpt by Autodesk Inc. (FREE)
Choose a shape from the library of creatures, humans, vehicles, and more. Push, pull and paint to make the sculpture your own, and then take snapshots in the camera room to share!

Let's Create! Pottery HD Lite by Infinite Dreams Inc. (FREE)
Create "one of a kind" pottery items by throwing the clay on the wheel, then use dozens of materials to create your own design! 

StumbleUpon! by StumbleUpon (FREE)

Find webpages and stories across the web that are related to the topics that interest you most. The more you stumble upon new items and read them, the better this app will help find things that relate to what you want to know about the most!