Apps for Students

The apps listed on this page are perfect for college students. From organizing their homework and schedules to various study tools, they can be an excellent resource for the college student. Be sure to share them with your students. Several of these apps are not only compatible with the iPad, but also iPhones and iPod Touches!

Bento by FileMaker, Inc. ($4.99)
Bento is an advanced organization app and allows users to organize contents, track projects and assignments, plan events, and manage things. Utilize the templates to assist with organizing!

Cram by SimpleLeaf Software, LLC ($3.99)
Not only can you create flashcards of your study  materials with this app, but it will create multiple-choice practice exams so you can study in multiple ways! Track study progress and if you don't feel like entering your material, browse through the Quizlet database to find other material to use! by, LLC (FREE)
No internet connection is needed to search through more than 2 million words, definitions, synonyms, and antonyms.

EasyBib by Imagine Easy Solutions (FREE)
Simply scan a book bar code or type in the name of a book, and a citation will be created in seconds. Choose from MLA, APA, or Chicago Style formats, and create and manage your works cited!

Evernote by Evernote (FREE)
This app is one of the most effective apps for organizing and remembering everything that is going on in your life. Take notes, jot down ideas, take recordings, and synchronize all information with a computer or other mobile device.

gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests by gWhiz, LLC (FREE)
This popular flashcard app is not only free, but also integrates with Google Accounts. Easily create and share flashcards and study on the go.

Grades 2 by Tapity (FREE)
It can be hard to calculate grades progressively throughout the semester, or even figure out that GPA! This app is a great source to utilize to track grades, and calculate what grades a student needs on future assignment to achieve their final grade goals.

iAnnotate PDF by Aji, LLC. ($9.99)
One of Apple's best-selling apps. Provides all the tools needed to annotate effectively and organize all documents to easily be found for future reference. Great for large collections of PDFs that need to be organized and accessed quickly.

iHomework by Paul Pilone ($1.99)
This app is a must-have for any busy college student-track assignments and other tasks, maintain your schedule, store all contact information for teachers, and sync it all with your iPhone or iPod Touch!

iStudiez Pro by iStudiez Team ($2.99)
This app helps students manage their busy schedules, classes, and their time. Keep updated on homework and assignments and never miss classes or important events. The attractive and interactive interface is fun to use, making this app a must-have for college students!

MindNode by Markus Muller ($5.99)
This is a great app to use to map ideas. With an easy and accommodating interface, this app will help with brainstorming, planning, researching, writing, and managing projects!

myPocketProf by Microexcellence Limited (FREE)
This app is a must-have for every student! Have all notes for a course in one place-paste all notes in Word/Excel/PDF or PowerPoint formats, and access them without a network connection. Share with others or even sell your notes to other students!

myHomework by Rodrigo Neri (FREE)
This app is focused to make the lives of students easier. They will easily see what is due so they will never forget an assignment again!

Office2 HD
by Byte2 ($7.99)
This is an intuitive and straightforward document tool that makes it easy to open, view, create and edit Word (DOC & DOCX), Excel (XLS), and now PowerPoint (PPT) files right from your iPad

Flash My Brain Flashcards by mode of expression, LLC ($5.99)
Create flashcards with pictures and text, and then have them shuffled to your liking to maximize your studying experience.

Quick Graph by Colombiamug (FREE)
Since when was a graphing calculator free? This app is a wonderful alternative to the often pricey graphic calculators. Use it to complete all the tasks you would need in both 2D and 3D views on a crystal-clear screen.

Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk Inc. ($4.99)
This digital sketchbook is highly advanced and gives users the ability to create beautiful, elaborate sketches.

Vocab Wordology HD by PrepInteractive ($2.99)
This app is a MUST for any student studying for the GRE, GMAT, or TOEFL! Study the challenging vocab that appears on these exams in various ways. Studying is much more fun and interactive with this app!

Voice Memos by KendiTech ($0.99)
With an unlimited recording time, utilize the built-in microphone on the iPad and record high-quality audio. Add text notes to recordings, and multitask when you are recording audio. This app is ONLY for the iPad.