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Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. 

-Judy Garland


June 2015

Check out this must-see video:

This sweet lady changes all the make-up and sexy clothes from Bratz dolls and transforms them into dolls just like real little girls!!


May 2015

"Did I already repin this?????" ... 

"Did that board have any special rules?" 

Need help keeping your Pinterest repins straight??? Try my organization Excel spreadsheet FREE!!


APRIL 2015

37 Totally fun organizing ideas for your classroom or home from IKEA:


March 2015 

Thousands of PowerPoint Templates FREE!

Oh my gosh-I can't believe all these free PowerPoint templates.  They are GREAT!  Here is one of my favorites.  Go to:

I just used this template in my newest "Parent-Teen Homework" called "Family Medical History Homework" if you want to see how the template looks! Click on the FREE preview :)


Feb. 2015 

Super Bowl 2015: Turning a loss into a       teachable moment! FREE!

As a fan from Seattle, the last second pass that should have been an easy run in was heartbreaking.  The Seahawks lost the Superbowl they should have won...I was stunned and literally felt sick!  But then I thought of a great way to turn this game into a teachable moment!

Use the last few crazy minutes of this game, and Seattle's shocking loss, along with this FREE lesson and worksheet to show your teens how:


What a great message for teens!  

Click here for the lesson!


January 2015 

Happy New Year!!

6 Steps to Acing Your Teacher Evaluation!-FREE!

When we were told we would have a new and more intense teacher evaluation system last year and that we would be scored on 32 criterion, many of my colleagues were in a panic!

I realized I was already doing much of what the new evaluation rubric required, so I just got organized so I could show (and prove) it to my administrator. 

This resource is the process I went through. It's ideal for any 6th -12th grade teacher.

It's 6 simple steps with examples to help you get organized.



This is a MUST-READ article for any Teacher!!!


NOVEMBER 2014:  Get this great FREE "Domestic Violence" Article and these links to celebrities promoting non-violent relationships in T.V. ads-POWERFUL!! Click:

Domestic Violence Facts/Article

There are some great new  public service announcements against domestic violence:.  Be sure to preview!

NFL Players

This information is part of my 3-Week "Sex Ed. Unit" at:

The "Sex Ed." unit is part of my full semester Health          curriculum at:


OCTOBER 2014:  A "Student Engagement" Group Presentation Grading Rubric FREEBIE! 

One of the best ways to get all students talking is to have them do a group project!! (Be sure to break up the parts so each group member has their own task!).  

This group presentation grading rubric is from my new "Body Systems Unit" which would be PERFECT for teacher evaluation points for student engagement.  And in spending just one week on this project, you can meet 12 Common Core Standards :)

Click here for a generic template for "Group Presentations Rubric."



If you teach secondary Health, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, or any Humanities class, you have to see these "FREEBIE" lessons and ideas ebooks made by top selling teachers.

There are 4 ebooks and just one has 80 pages!!  

If you teach Health, click on the black and purple one called "ELA and Humanities" at the bottom of the page, download it for FREE, and my "Back to School" Freebie Health lesson is on page 75!!

AND:  Check out my best-selling, 4.0 rated full-semester Health curriculum:


If you teach P.E. and want to use the "Pacer" test for testing fitness, you can get it FREE on "You Tube" at:

AND:  Check out my best-selling, year-long, 3.9 rated P.E. curriculum:


AUGUST 2014:  A "Back-to-School" FREEBIE! 

"Why Does my Brain Still Think I'm a Caveman?" Bulletin Board Resource.


Download this "How the Brain Works" FREEBIE bulletin board resource - perfect for any 5th-12th grade class!!! 


Because it's easy to make with full directions on how to create the board, it includes poster templates...

And because this "Caveman" board will help you teach important concepts about the BRAIN!

Includes:  Full directions on how to make the board, all words and posters that go on the board, teaching points, PowerPoints to reinforce concepts, addiction research and more!


JULY 2014:  Meeting standards in P.E. is **E**A**S**Y**!!!!!

Use this FREE spreadsheet to map out the standards you are meeting in your P.E. classes…

Many P.E. teachers get stressed out with all this talk about meeting standards in P.E. but I bet you are meeting most of them.  Try filling in this spreadsheet and see! :)


JUNE:  I'm on a much needed break.  See you in August!  

P.S.  See my FREE "It's About Body Image" lesson in the far right "Just Posted" column :)


MAY 2014:

I found a great article on a study by Harvard to show your students that recreational Marijuana is not as "safe" as they may think!

It's a small study, but they've found it does negatively affect motivation and emotions, which totally reinforces my lessons about Marijuana's "Amotivational Syndrome."  

See my "3-Week Drug Unit," and my fun 

Or check out my best-selling whole semester "Best Health Curriculum."


April 2014:

I found a great community of Health and P.E. teachers-It's amazing to see someone post a question, or need help with a lesson idea and then see so many teachers pitch in to answer and's a website called "Edmodo."  It's at:


March 2014:

This is a must-show video for your teens!! This is a YouTube clip of Jonathan and Charlotte's audition from "Britian's Got Talant."  It will give you goosebumps, you might  even shed a few tears!!

Show your students a great example of overcoming bullying and why it's so important to get to know someone for who they really are and not to "judge a book by its cover"!!


Feb. 2014: 

After 18 Years of Teaching Health, Here Are My *T*O*P*  - 5 -  FREE Video Links!!  
                              Click Here


January 2014: 

        -H-A-P-P-Y   N-E-W   Y-E-A-R-  

The beginning of the NEW YEAR is a great time to get organized with all that clutter that's been building up in your classroom...Click below to get FREE organizing tips for an organized classroom. How to make use of old furniture, baskets, T.V. carts, fabric covered boxes and more…Click HERE.


***DECEMBER *** 2013:

If you teach Sex Ed. you might like this video clip.  It's called: 

Meet the Contraceptives by is a funny/Clever video where each actor represents a different form of birth control. There is not a ton of information, but it would be a great 7:00 minute intro to your "Birth Control Lesson." 

Click here for my 4.0 rated birth control lesson: 


November 2013:  FREE Learning Target "Success Criteria" Exit Sheet  

The new “buzzword “ in education is “Learning Targets.”  
I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about adding another “educational fad” when I first heard about “Learning Targets,” but surprisingly, I’m finding “Learning Targets” really helpful for both the students and for me. 

Now I have a system where I printed Learning Target posters and post one daily.  I have students write the “Learning Target” on a “Weekly Target Check Off Worksheet” (included FREE below) at the beginning of class so they know what I want them to learn that day.  Then at the end of class, I have them rate their “success criteria”- how well they learned the target. 

I think you will find, like I did, that it’s so helpful as a teacher to be able to see if students got what you wanted them to learn or not.  If more than a few students say they “need more help,” or they “can’t do this” then that tells me I need to further cover that topic!!  I’ve never had this type of instant feedback before, and I really like this new Learning Target system!

Click here for editable and PDF copy:  Learning Target Exit Sheet

Wait! - There's More...

I've designed an awesome set of "Learning Target Posters" so all you do is taylor them to your own curriculum, print, and post daily.  The students copy the target at the beginning of each class from your posters.  Cost is only $7.00.  Click here if you're interested:

1. Here is the link to this helpful resource:


October 2013:  

Are Cell Phones Driving You Crazy?   Try My Cell Phone Box

Are cell phones driving you crazy in class?...I have a great way to deal with cell phones if you see them...This new idea has worked great for me in my 9th grade high school class this first month of school.

I bought a fun lunch box from Rite Aid.

Then I called it "Mrs. S's Cell Phone Box."  I showed my students how distracting cell phones are to a teacher by asking them how many times they think a typical student interacts with their phone in one hour.  Their answers varied, but even if students averaged 10, then I wrote on the board-in one class period with a class of 30 x 10 times looking at phone for each student =300 distractions!!  In a day for me with 5 classes, that would be 1500 distractions!!  Students get this!!

I explained to my students that I am all about warnings, so if I see a phone, it goes in my cell phone box.  (If they see me walking towards them with the box they know they're busted and I really don't even need to say anything-perfect-barely distracts from the lesson!) I take their phone and write their name on a sticky note.  The first time it happens is a warning and I give them back their phone at the end of class.  I make sure they see their name on the sticky note and I tell them that next time I will turn it into the office.  Our school has a policy that a parent has to come pick it up.  If your school doesn't have a good policy, you could just keep it until the end of the school day, but be sure to lock it up if you do this!! 

My new cell phone policy has worked so well because last year when I took cell phones from students and turned them into the office, kids were so mad at me and claimed they didn't know the school policy, so this way everyone gets one warning.  Then the rest of the semester, if it goes in the Monsters, Inc. box, it goes to the office.  Good luck!


It's Almost Sept. 2013:

Give your student's info that could change their entire school year - why sleep is so important! 

Click on the picture above for a FREE video on problems lack of sleep causes. It's just under 4:00 minutes to show.



August 2013:  

...Might as well kick off the coming year with something funny and gross!:

Fast Food is Gross - A Media Literacy Lesson Free!  

Use this a funny/gross quick video to show that advertising isn't all it says it is! Someone went to different fast food restaurants and bought an item and then took it home and took a picture (without doing anything to it). The presentation shows the photo from the advertisement, then the real thing!! It’s amazing (and funny and gross) to see what these REALLY look like.

Have a great beginning to your new year!
Mrs. S.


I've been posting these tips each month for years!!  


vBulletin counter

Welcome to my 
Health & P.E. 
Lesson Plans Webpage!


My "Best Health Curriculum" is the #1 selling Health curriculum on the whole TeachersPayTeachers website!!  If you teach Health, check it out.  Or, if you KNOW SOMEONE WHO TEACHES Health, please send them the link: 

 ***Best Seller!***

Teach Health?

This is the #1 Best Selling 
Health Curriculum 
on the whole TeacherspayTeachers' Website!!


 When you get to the website, click on "Download Preview")

Read what buyers are saying about  this Health curriculum:
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"I want to thank you for this EXCELLENT curriculum!!!! I've been teaching for 19 years, and I still change things up every year. There are so many wonderful lessons I will be incorporating in my curriculum this year. This curriculum should be sold at college campuses as a requirement for all health ed majors. I finally met a health teacher that is as passionate about teaching as I am!!!!!"

"By far, the easiest and most organized curriculum I have ever taught or seen.  This has made  my life so much easier!  Thanks!" -9/2012

"These are the most well-done units that I have ever personally seen (don't tell my wife I said that, she's a Language Arts teacher). I feel more prepared and organized than ever before and am ready to tackle this school year and have my best year yet."

"I am just overwhelmed on every
 aspect of this curriculum!!! There is no guesswork here, EVERYTHING is perfectly organized for wonderful, interesting, fun, and perfectly executed lessons!! Mrs. S answers all questions promptly. I LOVE this seller!!"

"Excellent curriculum.! very complete and easy to use. I have taught Health for many years and this curriculum has many new ideas which I am incorporating into my class. She leaves no stone unturned. . Worth more than I paid for it."

"This is an excellent, easy to use curriculum-well worth the $$$. 






If you teach Health 
in middle school, high school, or alternative school...

Or, if you teach P.E.
see this for ideas!:




Take this "Healthy Heart" Score Survey 
put out by Harvard!!



"Are you happy?"

Click here for a great survey on "Happiness."

Or better yet-see "New!! Just Posted"
 Section to the right and 
get my latest newsletter on "Happiness"!!!



I just added my "Tip of the Month" for August (look at the left column.) Also my "Article of the Month" for August is my 3rd "Trends in Health" newsletter.  Click on "Articles" above :)



Good website:  Top 28 Healthy Snacks at:



Top 10 Things I Learned at the TeachersPayTeachers Conference in Las Vegas:

1. On loan applications don't say "Self-Employed," rather say you 
work for "Teacher Synergy."
2. Keep a small book in your purse to log gas mileage and also keep 
a small fabric zipper pouch for receipts.
3. Make my blog more value to followers rather than just resources (articles, tips, freebies, links)
4. Use key words in resource titles that google with pick up rather than a catchy or cute title...
5. Your preview closes the deal.
6. Listen to your fan's interest!
7. You can schedule posts in advance on Facebook!
8. You can mark your feedback as "helpful" and that makes it  move up to the top!
9. You can use "Categories" on your TPT products page to
10. I connected with amazing people and got invited to join some Pinterest boards and Facebook groups-thank you everyone!!



Is anyone moving in the near future?  I was going through some old files and found this packing (and buying) list if you're moving into a new place.  It's FREE-Click here.


Thank you for visiting my webpage!  I've been a 9th Grade Health teacher for 18 years, 
and a P.E. teacher for even longer!   

It's my passion to get all the great ideas I've used and perfected into the hands of as many teachers as possible.

Here is one of my freebies:

10 Activities FREE! from my #1 Best Selling Curriculum

Anyone who works with teens can use these FREE PowerPoints, surveys, video links, fun art project, generic test template,
Drug-Free BINGO game, and more
I'm very confident in this Health curriculum because I currently teach it and I see my student's engaged faces, their introspective reflections, their interest, their shock, their curiosity, and I see their opinions change!



To see this cool 
"Fast Food Lesson" and other awesome class projects 

click here


Check out my Pinterest Boards at:

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Common Core Resoures for Health + P.E.- Click here 

3."FREE-Common Core Standards for Technical SubjectsGet as easy-to-fill-in  spreadsheet with all 20 standards and a FREE sample lesson :)


 *FREE* STUFF!                      

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NEW!! Just Posted:



Sub Plans for Any Elementary Class 3rd-5th: Food Label Scavenger Hunt!

This elementary level scavenger hunt has been a long time coming!!! The secondary version of my "Food Label Scavenger Hunt" is the # 1 Best-Selling Health lesson for the whole TPT secondary level, and I finally got this elementary version done!! It turned out awesome!




Sub Plans for Any Elementary Class 3rd-5th: 25 Things to Do 
Instead of Drugs!

This is a perfect lesson to have tucked in a cupboard in case you need a sub!!

This lesson is for anyone who teaches 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, and who wants to leave a healthy and fun plan for their students when they're gone! (And meet some Common Core Standards while you're at it!!




3rd Grade 
Full-Year Health Curriculum!!

Skip the canned curriculum designed by companies instead of teachers!

You won't find crossword puzzles and word searches in these interactive, fun lessons!




NEW!! Pinterest Organization Excel Spreadsheet-
See May 2015 in left column for more!



Healthy Eating Tennis Shoe FREE! - 

For Any 3rd-8th-Grade Teacher!

Make learning fun!  Your students will love having these cool “Eat Healthy” tennis shoes that really lace up.

This resource is for any 3rd – 8th grade teacher who wants to help his/her students be healthy!

It's an easy lesson on the 5 food groups.  


Full step-by-step lesson is included!


Interactive Health Activity FREE!!: Generic Flip-Open Suitcase 
for Any Subject

Make learning fun!  Your students will love having their choice of four cool suitcases that really flip open.

This resource includes 4 generic editable suitcase templates that really open and 13 different fun ways to use them!



Students learn the importance of friendship and do a FUN!! wheel art project created with "traits of a good friend."  FREE!



This resource has 100 true story articles on relevant teen issues.

Teens LOVE true stories about real people, whether inspirational or tragic.

I've seen the power of these true-life stories in my own classroom!

These articles are perfect for:

- Grabbing student interest

- Engaging student's opinions

- Debates

- Daily openers

- Daily closers

-Powerful reading and writing assignments (to meet Common Core   Reading and Writing standards) 

- Time-fillers

- Opening a lesson on a related topic

- Giving your teens positive ideas

- Showing teens negative consequences

- Motivating and inspiring the teens you work with!



1st Lesson FREE!!!  

Check out Lesson #1 of 10 from my "Health for Special Needs Students:  Sex Ed. 3-Week Unit!!"



Health for Special Needs Students:  Sex Ed. 3-Week Unit!!

Amazing-If you teach Health to special needs students-check this out!!



Non-Communicable Diseases "King's Corner" (Or Any Other Card Game with this 52-Card Deck!!)

Education that's FUN!!



Sub Plans for Any Middle or High School Teacher:
Self-Esteem iPad Screensavers!

Super fun and interactive-Perfect plans to leave for a sub!!



Interactive Health Activity: How Alcohol Poisoning Affects the Brain Flip Up!






Interactive Health Activity:
Learning Styles Survey and Fold-It Cube

Have your students take this interesting, impacting survey and follow it up with an interactive activity on how they can use their best learning style at school right now!!

Almost all kids love to learn about themselves, and this survey fits this criteria to a "T." Then it's also practical and beneficial to their school career, and life right now!! 



Interactive Health Activity:
Flip-Open Food Label

I got this idea to create a PERSOANLIZED, interactive food label where students could put it together and then flip the categories open and have the nutrition formulas right there to help them figure out how many of each nutrieint THEY need.


This is for students and adults as well!! Flip up a food label section and work the formula underneath to see how much of the nutrient YOU need for YOUR body weight. Very cool! Only $3.00



Great Article:

-Great Visual from National Geographic!



If you have the unfortunate situation 
of dealing with a school-wide tragedy, 
a death or suicide of a school student, 
or students who are dealing with a tragic event, 
I hope this FREE resource can help.



Fun "Assertiveness Survey," what their score means, and a "Flip Up" art project!



FREE-Niblings Recipe! 
(Wheat Chex, Pretzels, Nuts, Lots of Butter…)

After creating the "Holiday Recipe Book" (see link below) and seeing all the creative pages I got from other secondary teachers, I decided I needed to get into the 21st century and learn how to use clip art! Here is my first attempt. The clip art I used was FREE from Pixel Scrapper.

                Click here for FREE Recipe :)



The 2014 Secondary Teachers' Holiday Recipe Book-FREE!!

Thank you to all the awesome secondary TPT sellers who made this recipe book possible.

Click on the FREE download to get 46 scrumptious recipes.

It was so much fun to compile this book and I can't wait to try out these delicious recipes - I know you will love it too!!


Mrs. S.



Synthetic Drugs Lesson

Synthetic Drugs Guessing Game and Follow-Up Activity.

 Use this powerful, engaging lesson to show your students the dangers of synthetic drugs. 

Students guess 8 synthetic drugs from a visual 63-Slide PowerPoint. 

When correcting their guesses, they write down words, emotions, and facts they hear to use in the follow-up "Word Activity" project. 

Optional video links, research project, articles and more included!





Independent Study Nutrition



Links to 10 Must-See Videos 
For Teens 
- FREE -



Make teaching "Sex Ed." easy!

You have never seen a program like this one! No more having students do vocabulary words out of an old Health book to get a Health credit!

Get kids engaged and grab their interest with interactive surveys, worksheets, art projects, introspective reflections, parent communicators, writing assignments, and more.



"Mission Impossible" 
Team Cooperation Game

Fun for 4th - 12th grade
P.E. or  classroom teachers alike!!



Communicable Diseases "Go Fish" and More - Play Any Card Game on this 

52-Card Deck!

This is a real 52-card deck with Ace - King in four suits (hearts, spades, diamonds and heart) and it includes two Jokers. Each card has:

1) Transmission
2) Symptoms
3) Treatment
4) Prevention



Resolving Conflict Through "I" Statements (Grades 6-12)

Relationships are one of the most important things in life!! 

Conflict can hurt relationships if it's not dealt with in a positive way. All of us (teens especially) could probably use more of this important skill!

For that reason, this resource is for anyone who works with teens.

Here is what is included:

1. Full teacher directions for all the activities

2. A 12-slide PowerPoint to walk you through the activities

3. "I Statements" Worksheet

4. "I Statements" Worksheet Key

5. "Conflict Resolution Model" with "Conflict Escalators" 

6. Link to a perfect example of what NOT to do in a conflict!



Improving Self Esteem: Survey, Quiz, and Projects (Grades 5-12)

This resource is part of my: 

"GET -*H*-E*-A*-L*-T*-H*-Y*- UNDER $5.00" SERIES

Unbelievable resource, for an unbelievable price of $4.00!!




A "Student Engagement

(See Oct. 2014 "Teacher Tip of the Month" in Left Column for explanation!)



Talk about "Student Engagement"! 

Divide your students into six groups and let each group divide the 4 sections of research and questions provided for 6 body systems. There are links to over 50 body system websites with tons of info, videos and interactive activities!!!

And, in just one week, this group project meets 12 Common Core Standards!!!! (That might be worth the $10.00 right there!!) :)



Eat This, Not That:  FREE!!

Almost everyone loves guessing games…This engaging activity has students guessing which restaurant meal is healthier. 

As they correct their guesses there are explanations why one meal is worse so students learn so much!!

Everything you need to make this activity is included except the "Eat This Not That" book, which you will cut up to make this activity!! The book sells second-hand for less than $5.00 on Amazon, 
so it will be totally worth your efforts.







4 "Capture and Challenge" P.E. Games!

4 "Capture and Challenge" P.E. Games!

Grade Levels
Resource Types


These 4 games are fun and challenging for students! 

The games are great for ages 3rd grade and up (You'd be surprised how much the high schoolers LOVE these games!)

Teach strategy and teamwork.

Here are the 4 games:

1. Capture the Flag: This fun group game can be set up inside or in a parking lot! Use strategy to beat the other team.

2. Capture the Football: This one uses footballs, or any other balls or equipment "behind enemy lines!" The team that gets all the objects wins!

3. Betcha a Buck! Students do laps to make money, and then challenge a partner to teacher directed activities-winner takes all!! Super fun and can be good exercise too!

4. Gotcha: A bean bag tag game (or try rolled up socks if you don't have bean bags!)


4 Super Fun P.E. Games

4 Super Fun P.E. Games

Grade Levels
Product Rating


These 4 games are always favorites for students! 

The games are great for ages 3rd grade and up (You'd be surprised how much the high schoolers LOVE these games!)

Teach strategy and teamwork.

Here are the 4 games:

1. Take a Chance: 

This fun group game can be set up inside or in a parking lot! Students protect their own pin (or empty 2-Liter bottle!) while others try to knock them down with balls. "Take a chance" and leave your pin to knock someone else's down! This games rotates fast so it's maximum participation for all!

2. Stinger:

Students try to get all the flags in their corner. The only problem is if your flag gets pulled you' have to stay in your corner until a teammate can bring you one!

3. Endline Soccer:

This is a perfect lead up game for soccer. All that's needed is one soccer ball!

4. Tunnel Soccer Tag:

A partner cooperation game! Great for warm up!



See my latest "Trends in Health Newsletter: Empowering Teenage Girls" FREE!

Life these days for girls can be tough! It can be hard for a girl to feel good about herself and stay immune from depression, eating disorders, bullying, and feeling bad about her body after reading a magazine! Get this newsletter and bundle of ideas, surveys, handouts, art projects, PPts, and more to empower the teenage girls you know. 

Use the step-by-step instructions and examples included to start a "Girl Group" at your school! 




Parent Communication that Aces Evaluation Criteria!: For Any 6-12 Teacher

Do you need to meet evaluation requirements for parent communication?  Get a perfect score on this section like I did by adding these ideas to your teaching!

If you need to boost up your parent communication, than this super-sized bundle to promote parent communication is for you!  It has over 55 pages of ideas for making amazing connections with your students' parents!  (And your parents will love you for it!)



Meth Lab Dangers PowerPoint


Cardio, Full Body Workouts, and Weight Training Bundle!

There are 88 activities to keep your kids active all year, and nutrition materials too!!

Follow this link and then click on "Preview" for a FREE cardio workout and FREE generic weight room record sheet:



50 Games and Activities Inside the Game

This resource is one complete section of my best-selling full year P.E. curriculum, (It's the #1 selling P.E. curriculum on the wholeTeachersPayTeachers website!!)

And if that's not enough…If you want your students to work on fitness while they play, I included

**Bonus** material!!:

1) A full "Heart Rate Lesson"

2) FITT Plan lesson and three FITT Plan worksheets



FREE: Trends in Health 

Newsletter Vol. 4: 

Creating Your Own Happiness - 

Learning to Smile Within!

Are you happy?

Are the students you work with happy? 

Take the included “Happiness Survey”

and find out!! 

Resource also includes articles on "Happiness," Current “Happiness” Statistics, "Self-Esteem Survey," “Positive Self-Talk” Worksheet, 

and more...



Arts & Crafts Task Cards: 118 Projects for Classroom, Homeschool, (Grades 3 - 6) and any Parents

These task cards are designed to be used by:

-Teachers in their Pre-K through 3rd Grade classrooms

-Teachers at home with their own little ones! 

-Any parent at home with little ones! (No teaching degree required!)

-Parents who are homeschooling

-In class newsletters that go home to your parents


Please enjoy 4 FREE TASK CARDS as a sample so you can determine the quality of the 50 amazing cards this resource includes! - Just click on:



Get Healthy! Dynamic 1-Day Activities for Teens: 
"Drug Dangers" Posters

This engaging art project is from my newest "Get Healthy! 1-Day Activities for Teens" series. 

My goal is to present easy-to-teach, minimal set up, educational, empowering and FUN activities for anyone who teaches teens! 

These are "tried and true" activities from my best selling Health and P.E. Curriculums-only powerful and dynamic lessons are allowed!!

This "Don't Step Into That Drug World" poster activity is always a favorite with my 9th grade students, and it can impact the teens you teach as well!


This "Don't Step Into That Drug World" poster resource includes:

1. Full step-by-step teacher directions that follow along with the PowerPoint presentation

2. 18-slide PowerPoint presentation with real student examples of the posters

3. "Through the Door" Poster Template

4. Resource sheets to help students complete the posters:

a) "Drug Dangers" Handout

b) "Why Teens Use Drugs" Handout

c) "Neurotransmitters" Handout

***This art project meets 6 National Health Standards and 3 Common Core Standards.



How Healthy is Your School?

How to be a Vending Police 
and More…*F-R-E-E*

-Does your school have healthy food choices in your vending machines?  
-Do you know your state’s "School Health Policy"?
 -Did you know that the U.S.D.A. has requirements that all school vending machines have only "healthy" choices? -How do you know if a snack is "healthy?"
-How can you be a "Vending Machine Police"?
1. "Food Label Reading Worksheet" with healthy formulas
2. Full "Food Label Reading Lesson" with step-by-step teacher directions and a 24-Slide PowerPoint to walk you through the lesson! 
*(Meets 3 Common Core Reading Standards!!)*
3. "Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt" homework activity
4. Website links to see the policies and formulas
FREE at:



This fun and informative resource is for anyone who teaches 5th - 12th graders.


It will help you present to your students the importance of having a positive body image.


The 39-slide PowerPoint walks you step-by-step through this 1-2 day lesson. It will show students the power of feeling confident in who they are and how they look.

-Body Image Brochure

-Accept the Best Survey

Folding Cube Art Project


-Love What's Good Activity

-"Real Models Without Their Make Up" pictures to remind your students-don't compare yourself to celebrities!!




My 3rd "Trends in Health Newsletter"

This one is on "Which Diets are Best?...


FREE! at:


(Be Fit Forever) - 

My 45 Best Health & Fitness Activities for Grades 4-10

Take my more than 20 years of teaching Health and P.E. and pull out: 

-the very best activities I've created

-the most powerful video links I've found

-the most insightful surveys

-the most significant handouts and homework

-and the most fun fitness games and workouts..

and you'll have THIS RESOURCE!!


Sub Plans for Any Middle or High School Class:  "Avoiding Dangerous Decisions"

This activity is an easy one to have tucked in a cupboard in case of an emergency/unplanned sub day!  
Use these impactful substitute plans to caution your students against 8 tempting dangerous decisions.
1. Cutting/Self-Mutilating/Suicide
2. Taking Bets and Dares
3. Sexting (Sending nude/semi-nude pics on a cell)
4. The Choking Game
5. Driving at High Speeds (Driver or Passenger Dangers!) 
6. Drinking Games and Binge Drinking
7. Giving Out Personal Information Online
8. Using Drugs


My 2nd "Trends in Health Newsletter"
This one is on the dangers of 

-An 8-slide PowerPoint to use for teaching your students is included!


You've never seen anything like it before!!  The whole Health curriculum is on 32 weekly "Homework Task Cards!"
If needed, this “Health Task Card” program can stand alone as your Health Curriculum, meeting all State and National Health Standards, and meeting many Common Core Standards as well.
  Each lesson also includes a "Learning Target."
Get energized about health topics for your students, and minimize your efforts in teaching about Health and wellness!


My 1st "Trends in Health Newsletter"
This one is on the dangers of 
the drugs "Molly" and "Bath Salts"

-A 27-slide PowerPoint, lesson ideas and links to awesome videos are included!


NEW!! More Just Posted:

NEW!! Feb. 2013

This resource includes three different fun game templates you can design to meet your specific curriculum topics and requirements. 

To make it easy, I've included the 3 games I made as examples!

-Use these boards to help your students study for a test!!

-They're a fun way for students to see how much they’ve really learned about a particular topic.

-Help your classes memorize material. 

-They're perfect for summarizing a unit.

-You could even assign students the task of decorating the boards, and making up the questions and researching the answers for the cards!


NEW!! Dec. 2013

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Sept. 2013
Now you can get my 
#1 Best Selling Curriculum
 Re-formatted for 3 
sequential grade levels!!

If you teach multiple levels of Health, check out these 3 sequential curriculums that build on each other-all in one awesome resource!



July 2013
Do you have an Alternative High School 
that needs a great 
"Independent Study 
Health Curriculum" ???

For no more doing vocabulary words out of an old Health textbook!!  Click here.



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