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Our goal at Prime Design is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organization. Our fabricators design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve maximum success. We offer an survey to evaluate the client’s requirements, prepares a recommended operational food service plan, and liaises with health, fire, and building departments to insure compliance with all provincial and local codes.

As a leader in the Food truck Industry we are able to configure almost any size of truck into your dream Street Food Kitchen. Our food trucks can be built to accommodate whatever type of food you plan to sell, and we ensure all our food trucks are manufactured to meet the strictest health codes.


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We specialize in fabricating customized mobile kitchens for one of the nation’s fastest growing industries today. We build everything from trucks and trailers, to carts and kiosks, for every need. Our custom manufacturing process is truly customized kitchens that all our clients need and require to prepare the cuisine possible for capturing their target market.


Food Truck Design

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The food truck industry is thriving for many reasons. These custom made vehicles can be used for various catering operations. They can also be used for special events where a temporary selling booth can be established. They can even be utilized as a creative means of promoting food enterprises such as restaurants.

Because of this, it’s no surprise that many business people are considering running their own custom food truck operation. If you are thinking of doing that, keep in mind that it’s essential that you plan its design well. Here are some things you must know about custom food truck design and build out.

Consider the kind of food you will serve

During the development of a design for a food truck, you should keep in mind what kind of food you are planning to serve in your truck. Unlike in traditional kitchens, you cannot have just about every machine, cooking equipment, and utensil inside your truck. As such, you must consider the type of food you’re intending to serve before creating a food truck design. If you plan to serve burgers and sandwiches, of course you got to have grills and toasters. If you plan to serve shakes and juices, you need to have blenders and juicers. Consider the type of food you’ll be serving so you will know what kind of equipment you will need.

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Consider the size of your rig

You can either get a new truck or go for a secondhand one and retrofit it. Outside of roadworthiness and reliability, size should be your biggest consideration when shopping for a truck, regardless of what route you intend to take.

Going for compact trucks means you’ll need less parking space and you’ll have better maneuverability. Going for larger trucks means larger floor space and higher serving capacity.

Each truck size has its own advantages and disadvantages; make sure to check them out first before making a decision. The right truck size depends on what you intend  to use your food truck for.

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Food Truck Design

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