About the Dome





    Berkshire School’s eDome was originally designed to provide a platform for the performing arts, as well as the visual and written. It has become much more than that. Over the past two years, the eDome has spotlighted dancers, actors, poets, musicians, songwriters, and fiction writers from our student body; it has provided a showcase for visual artists focusing on ceramics, print work, digital and studio art. The eDome gives us all a chance to see what’s happening in the arts of all kinds on campus. Check it out and you might be surprised- your roommate might have designed the cover; your best friend could be a featured musician; your advisee might have written your favorite poem or short story. 

Nik Rhodes, Anna Driscoll, Caroline Wood, Liza Berstein

Caroline Wood ‘12- Editor in Chief

When I came to Berkshire I was required to take two semesters of art. I never would have found my passion, if it weren’t for that requirement. Three years later, I found myself as the design editor for the Dome. Now I am in my final year at Berkshire, I have the privilege of being the Editor in Chief of the Dome. Someone once told me, “If you wake up in the morning, and you can't think of anything but Art, then you are meant to be an artist.” I think this can apply to any aspect in life. Follow your passion and you never know where you might end up.

Nik Rhodes ‘12- Performing Arts Editor 

My name is Nik Rhodes, and I am from Gt. Barrington, Massachusetts. Growing up in a family of a painter, a film producer and an actress, art has always been a huge aspect of my life. Performing arts is a chance for me to express myself, and jump out of my comfort zone into something magical. Through acting and making movies I am able to escape the every day world and discover new aspects that are far away from me.

Liza Bernstein ‘13- Writing Editor

My name is Liza, and I've been at Berkshire for three years.  Ever since I was little, I've found myself translating my thoughts into poems and other forms of writing.  Until I came to Berkshire, I felt vulnerable and exposed whenever someone read something I wrote.  Through my years here, I found out how to be confident and proud about the pieces I've written.  By being the writing editor, I hope to help other students gain confidence towards his or her own work.

Anna Driscoll ‘13- Design Editor

Before Berkshire, my idea of art class was the last fifty agonizing minutes before school let out. We were constricted to projects that didn't express creativity and teachers that only cared about whether you could draw a realistic nose or life-like ears. Because of graduation requirements I took digital art my freshman year and it completely changed my idea of art. As a junior, I am currently taking AP Digital Art. Now art class is fifty minutes of creativity and expression. While I love to write, art- especially digital- allows me to convey my emotions without spelling everything out. Three years later I am the design editor of my school’s literary arts magazine.