King Soopers Cards

The King Soopers Reward Gift Card Program has changed. We no longer need to purchase cards that need to be pre-loaded with funds before shopping. King Soopers has made it easier for us to give back to our community by simply selecting our favorite organization (The Bergen Schools) and adding it to our Soopers Card accounts. When we shop at King Soopers and use our reward cards or Alt I.D. we automatically earn money for our schools. PLEASE take 2 minutes and follow the steps below. Once this is set up, you don't have to think about it again. Our schools just start earning money for programs that directly benefit our children every time you shop.

1. Go to:
2. Sign in or Create an Account
3. Click on your name (select MY ACCOUNT)
4. Click on Community Rewards link (left side of the screen)
5. In the Find Organization box type in the Bergen Schools
6. Click the blue enroll box

That's it! Less than 2 minutes and you are helping The Bergen Schools!