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King Soopers Year-Round Fundraising Program

The King Soopers Donation Program
 The King Soopers Donation Program is a very BIG, super EASY, fundraiser for The Bergen Schools. You purchase a reloadable shopping card through The Bergen PTA for $2.50. You load the shopping card at King Soopers prior to grocery shopping, for any amount up to $500.00. Pay for your groceries with this reloadable card and King Soopers will donate 5% of your total purchase to The Bergen Schools. This simple fundraiser that King Sooopers offers us, brings in thousands of dollars to The Bergens (it's FREE money...every parent should have one of these cards)!
Please take advantage of this amazing's the easiest form of fundraising you can do!
The card also works at Loaf 'N Jug (gas station) and other Kroger Stores throughout the US. 


For questions regarding the 2015/16 King Soopers Donation Program, please contact Crystal Windley (