Professional Growth System

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Professional Growth System - Project Summary Analysis

Professional Growth System - Key Research Bibliography

Initial Draft to Teachers: Professional Growth System Packet - 2/9/12

Rational for Performance Based Compensation System

We, the Pulaski Community School District, believe that all performance can be improved with, as Carol Dweck describes, a growth mindset, where abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.  The Performance Based Compensation System (PBCS) will help drive improvement in individual and organizational performance while giving new opportunities and using compensation as a catalyst for professional growth.  The Pulaski Community School District will continue to build as a learning organization by further developing it’s current Professional Growth System to move educators’ learning forward.  The PBCS will help to tie a results-only work environment (ROWE) with professional plans for accountability in learning and growing.  Improved plans are good for individuals, but improved performance is good for the system.  The process of the PBCS will follow the process of learning, be highly collaborative in nature, and show transparent growth by all who have a growth mindset.

Mission/Vision - Philosophy of system (overview)

Professional growth is a hallmark of any successful organization.  The Pulaski Community School District is committed to the continual professional and personal growth of it’s staff.  We offer a multi-prong approach to Professional Learning which is flexible and models best practices.  A system mindset of support flows freely throughout the school year to foster growth within and throughout individuals.  We look to build community through the strength based-approach of assessing an individuals knowledge, skills, and attitudes about optimal learning environments for the 21st Century Learner. The focus is on the implementation of new knowledge and skills using the philosophy of the Results-Only Work Environment to move innovative ideas forward within education.

We do what is best for the individual learner while celebrating excellence!

5 Strands of the Professional Growth System
  1. Flexible - Teacher Designed Projects
  2. Best Practice/ Technology
  3. System Mindset and Support - Build Community
  4. Personal and Professional Balance
  5. Supports District, State, and National Expectations

Professional Growth System Performance Based Compensation

Professional Growth System - Planning Documents

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