The Be!cause Group, Inc.

Empowering individuals, homeowners, and businesses  to lower their utility bills
 without a sacrifice in comfort through conservation and renewable resources.

Be!cause Going Green will Save you Green!






My name is Christian Milaster and as the founder and owner of The Because! Group, Inc., I welcome you to my company's presence on the web!

I established the Be!cause Group in the Spring of 2008 to empower individuals, families, and businesses  like you to lower your utility bill without giving up your  standard of living or having to make  a sacrifice in comfort.

We live in a world where technology has made our lives busy but also much more convenient and I personally don't believe in abandoning all that technology has to offer to us.

I do believe, however, that our current use of energy is not sustainable and that we all can make small changes in our daily lives and take advantage of technology to help reduce the demands for heating, electricity, and water.

Since the fall of 2006 I am living in a house that I designed which has a total utility bill of less than $100 per year. Yet the 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom house has a whole-house audio system, wireless internet, a fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, and garage door openers. The temperature in the winter (the house is located in southeastern Minnesota)  is at least a balmy 72° and just 18 inches of rain a year will provide enough water for a family of four (our average rainfall in this region is 30").  All with less than $8 per month. Over the next 25 years the house will save about $300,000-$350,000 in utility bills compared to the average American household.

Through my company The Be!cause Group, I am now sharing my expertise and experience that I gained since 2003 as I was researching, designing, building, and now living in this model home.

To lower your utility bill, I am looking forward to working with you to determine how based on your unique situation you can save on energy costs. In addition, you can also purchase energy- and water saving products at the Because Shop.

For an initial conversation send me an eMail at or leave me a voice mail at (866) 979-6622 and I will get back to you within four business hours.

Yours truly,
    Christian Milaster

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