A. Introduction

In this course you'll achieve following thingys:

✔ Learn how to become creative
✔ freshhhhh
✔ and smart
✔ and funny
 fall in love with design

Background / Idea:

Working within limitations reveals every single design step as boundaries are fixed and set. Sliding on the border line requires reflection on your own design process! This generates an advanced consciousness about designing. Furthermore, your common sense of ("good") design is bothered by look & feel of specific design software. This provocation is warmly welcome and a challenge to realize your idea within close boundaries. Get 100% satisfied despite your limitation.

Two Steps Agenda:

1. Know your software, all possibilities, looks, references. Play and create abstract, spectacular, wired, crazy or just lovely forms, shapes or type experiments. The journey is your reward. Try to bring the software to its knees! Only if you know your tool you are ready for the next step.
2. Think. Reduce. Carry your idea into effect. Take one step back and move two steps forward to an imaginative design in simplicity and strictness.