Recipe courtesy of The Bear Cupboard (

Rating:  10 out of 10

INGREDIENTS:  (for 1 tree)  2 cans of crescent rolls

About 1 cup of Ranch dip (or 1/2 cup cream cheese mixed with 1/2 cup fruit-flavored yogurt)

About 2-3 cups of small veggies (or fruit)

1 square of cheddar cheese cut into star shape for tree top.

Optional:  About 1/3 cup finely shredded cheddar cheese for top of veggie tree

Heat oven to 375F.  If desired, place a sheet of parchment paper onto baking sheet to make removal of tree easier.  Open crescent rolls, but do not separate.  Instead, slice each cylinder into 8 slices (16 slices total from two cans).  

Place slices on baking sheet in form of tree.  (Starting at the top with 1 slice, place the next two slices underneath and touching, and so forth, till you get to five.  Use the remaining slice to form tree base.)  Bake according to package instructions; cool on baking sheet.  (If using parchment, just slide parchment onto wire rack to cool.  The tree can then be transferred onto a serving plate or tray and the parchment reused.)  

Spread tree with desired dip (Ranch for veggies, cream cheese + yogurt for fruit).  Decorate tree with desired veggies or fruit -- be creative!  If desired, sprinkle finely grated cheddar cheese over veggies.  Top tree with cheddar cheese star.  

The trees can be eaten by cutting or by pulling apart the crescent circles.  Either way, these are delicious!