Welcome to the Beachwood Historical Society, founded 1999, a non-profit granted by the State of Ohio.  The Beachwood Historical Society is an educational organization that is committed to preserving our history, educating people of all ages and sharing our collections for the benefit of our residents and guest visitors.

What We Do Best:

Preserve and Promote artifacts, documents and photographs

Educate people about the History of Beachwood from Beechwood to Beachwood

Celebrate Beachwood through the sponsoring of many Community Events and Programs

Collaborate with the City and its residents

Research and Catalog

Archive the Beachwood Cemetery

 Our Archives are located at 23555 Mercantile Road.

You may contact us by email:    tbhs1915@gmail.com

Phone us at 216-591-0229

Write to us at   

Beachwood Historical Society

PO Box 221012

Beachwood, Ohio 44122
Looking forward to connecting with you!
Rosemary Nemeth - Pres.  and   Nancy Hart - Archivist