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How Good Were Lebron's Teammates?


The career of Lebron James has been a fascinating one.  He's clearly the most talented player in the NBA right now, but always comes up short.  Why can't he get over the hump? When he was leading the Cavaliers the argument was, "Well, he has no help! He needs better teammates. Even Jordan couldn't do it without Pippen.  Bird couldn't do it without McHale, Magic couldn't without Kareem."  Recently, the Basketball Blog contributed to ESPN's 5-on-5 Discussion on the top Small Forwards in the NBA and ever (where I made an argument most thought was ridiculous for Scottie Pippen over Larry Bird.  I'll have to defend that one in the near future.)  Underneath, users debated the column and I got into a feverish debate about the quality of Lebron's teammates over the years.  He contended that Lebron had little help, that he played with losers, and that last season's Cavalier season was the perfect proof for that.  Is this the truth?  Let's look at the teams that Lebron has played with in his career, season by season: