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Craft Brewer Radio                                       16th December 2007:

Christmas is here!!!!!. Is it about the birth of THAT baby, or getting blotto??? The Brewmaster proves what the true meaning of Christmas is all about with historical fact. Want to know the worst Christmas job ever, well we show you. In the spirit of the season, a great Christmas ending to the show has to be heard. As well, Australian beer news, Blokeman, brewing experiments update and we look at getting the best possible efficency and use out of the drought barley malt on the market.


The Brewing Network

16th December 2007:

Zachary Triemert from Upstream Brewing Company joins us on our last show of 2007 to talk about the unique beers of Upstream and the distilling process as well. Fun ensues, legends are born. Part 2 of this session is posted elsewhere and is inappropriate for younger audiences and people who enjoy good radio.


The Jamil Show

17th December 2007: Weizenbock

Jamil and Jon discuss brewing award winning Strong Scotch Ale. This is a great rich and malty style for the winter months. Jon provides his award winning recipe for this style.


Basic Brewing Radio

13th December: The Hop Shortage - What to do.

 Chris Colby of Brew Your Own Magazine fills us in on the hop situation and gives us tips to make it through to better, hoppier times.

Craft Beer Radio

13th December 2007:Baaaaaad Elf.

We try a bunch of the Shelton Brother's Christmas Beers such as Bad Elf. and Very Bad Elf. While we appreciate many of the beers that the Shelton Brothers import, these miss the mark. Episode 97.1 because I messed up uploading 97.


Brew Crazy

23rd December2007:A casual conversation with Graham Sander, the "Guru of North Australia"

Graham gives us the specifis about how to brew his Tropical Flour Witt, but the recipe is still top secret. Just Google it! Graham also explains how the nitrogen wiget in a can beer works. We talk about how to make a beer with different gasses, such as helium. And the Queen hangs out in the studio, not at a mic, but that does not stop her from slambing Johnny Max! Captain Ron punches up some Christmas bagpipe music.


Brew Bubbas

15th December 2007:

In this episode, Craig and Jerry discuss the hop shortage and some of the potential reasons behind it and what we can do about it.  They also get off topic, discussing some of their favorite micro-breweries.  Back on topic, they finish their discussion on yeast and how you can use it to your advantage.