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        • Free antivirus software.
          Norton and Symantec are better, but cost money. So use up those subscriptions and if you don't want to buy a new one (or aren't using one at all, shame shame if so) here is an acceptable free one.
        • speed up your computer with these tips
        • Free photo editing software. This is great!!! This is a dumbed down version of adobe photoshop (it errors a bunch on loading, just hit ignore). If you want a free version of a software comparable to photoshop then search for Gilp (but be warned, photoshop and Gilp are for only the most avid photographers and advanced users).
        • OpenOffice is a free program like Office or iWork. It works cross platform (Apple or PC). This suite offers a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program (slideshow), vector drawing program, and a relational database.
        • PDF995 is a free pdf writer. Just download and run the 2 step downloads. Then all you have to do is print just like a printer to "pdf995".
        • Lala is an online music store/player that has equal or lesser prices than ITunes, doesn't lock the files, and lets you play all 6 million of their songs once for free.
        • PC Tuneups This is an article that has links to a bunch of free software that tunes up your pc to make it run faster after it has been around "a little while" :)
        • Calling America allows you to call anywhere in America from your computer for free. Just need a mic and internet service. Calls limited to 2 minutes for non members and 15 minutes for members, but being a member is free.
        • removes extraneous stuff from new computers.
        • use this in conjunction with a antivirus like above and you will be golden.
    • Internet
        • Firefox EVERYONE should download this and use it instead of internet explorer. It has less viruses, is cleaner, and is much better!!!! Sean's addons:
          • Picasa users: there is an addon to firefox to simplify uploading pics. Go here. Then once you have added it just go to tools in the firefox browser and open it, enter the login info to your google account and you are off and running.
          • Gmail users: this is an addon that makes the appearance more appealing. Once added to edit it's options go to tools, addons, select better gmail, options. I recommend "gmail redesigned" under skins.
          • Download Statusbar
          • Drag-drop-upload
          • pdf Download gives you a handy pop up and also allows one click conversion of web pages, orders, etc. into pdf's (you will find that button in the top right corner of firefox window once you download).
          • Foxmark addon syncs bookmarks on your different computers.
          • GMail Checker checks your gmail for you when you aren't logged into it.
        Sean Baski's Facebook profile
      • Website Setup (Free and the basic setup is easy, some of the other stuff I have added is harder) Let me know if you have questions on how to do anything by emailing me. All of the google stuff just requires one login (account).
          • I created this page with Google Page Creator, but Google is moving to a different program called Google Sites. Here is a link to Google Sites. This program appears more user friendly, so probably for the better. See one made with Google Sites by the Winfrees (See link below).
          • Add a counter from here
          • Start a blog here (doesn't link to Google Sites yet, might soon), which is also a Google service
            • Link the blog by following the post here
          • Post pictures and movies on Google's Picasa here then get the addon for firefox for easy uploading. See above in Firefox.

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