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Building Bonkey

Some brief instructions on how to build and run Bonkey from source:
  1. Download the RCP/Plugin developers release of Eclipse from www.eclipse.org.
  2. Install Subclipse from subclipse.tigris.org.
  3. Create six new projects in Eclipse, each from SVN using the details provided at http://sourceforge.net/projects/bonkey/develop. The projects are:
    1. Bonkey - an RCP feature that holds the core code.
    2. BonkeyService - an RCP features that holds the service code.
    3. Bonkey UI - the UI code and files defining the RCP application.
    4. BonkeyCore - the core (non-UI) code for Bonkey.
    5. Bonkey Service - the code for the background service.
    6. VFS - an Eclipse project with the code from Apache Commons VFS, with a few Bonkey-specific modifications.
  4. Open Bonkey.product in the Bonkey UI project, and select "Launch an Eclipse application" or "Eclipse Product export wizard".