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Bonkey for Windows

Download Bonkey for Windows here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/bonkey/setup.exe (version 3.4.1)

Running Bonkey on Windows Vista

One of Bonkey's users, Biskits, figured out how to get Bonkey running on Vista and kindly shared the following tips (monkey see, monkey do!):
  1. Install Bonkey.
  2. Go into the Windows MMC (Microsoft Management Console) > Services, and check that the Bonkey Service is "Automatic" and "Started". If yes, close the MMC and go to Step #4. If not, go to Step # 3.
  3. Set the Bonkey Service to "Automatic" and "Start", close the MMC, and re-boot.
  4. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\Bonkey\ and locate the following 2 executable files: Bonkey.exe, and wrapper.exe. For each file, Right click, select "Properties" > "Compatibility" > and place a check-mark in "Run as Administrator". Close Explorer.
  5. Open Bonkey, and configure your back-ups. When you close the UI, the Service will run effectively according to schedule.
Thanks for the instructions, Biskits! Thanks for being so complicated, Vista!