Bonkey is a simple to use backup system. It can backup to most storage devices, but it is specifically designed to be used with cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3 and Rackspace CloudFiles, which provides cheap online storage. You choose which files need to be backed up, select how often, set the destination and voila! your files are backed up. It runs on Windows and Mac OSX. It's open source, so you can download the code and tinker if you so desire.

New in version 3.4: support for Rackspace CloudFiles!

Bonkey allows you to:
  • backup to multiple locations, including Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles, SFTP, FTP, Windows shares, and local disks;
  • backup Microsoft SQL Server databases;
  • backup automatically at a set interval and at a set time if desired;
  • email any errors during backup to your email address;
  • backup only files that have changed, or a snapshot of the files you select;
  • compress and encrypt files during backup;
  • transfer files between different locations using drag and drop; and
  • show built-in help.
More details:
  • Bonkey runs as a Windows service: no need to login for it to start; uses less memory; and is invisible;
  • the summary screen shows you all you need to know and makes managing your backup groups easier;
  • there's a file transfer mode for easier drag and drop transfers;
  • you can use synchronisation to remove out of date files from backup targets;
  • Bonkey has a built-in restore wizard to restore to a folder or original file locations.
Bonkey relies on a lot of third party love, all provided free of charge by their respective developers: Bonkey runs on JavaS3 is run by Amazon; Eclipse provides the application framework and icons;Apache supplies a number of libraries; and superconnected604 drew the chain-smoking briefcase bearing primate.

Need help?

Add a comment on Bonkey's blog, or contact thebackupmonkey@gmail.com.