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1. Day One With Your Baby
Today is the day. You are heading home with your brand new baby. You have been waiting nine long months for this moment. Your bundle of joy is wrapped up and ready to go. You are too, accept for the fact that you just realize that you really are taking this baby home. The nervousness sets in and you wonder if you truly know how to take care of a newborn. Everyone gets these feelings, but as long as you can get through day one, then every day after that will be a breeze.

There are a few necessities on day one though. The most important thing is the car seat. The hospital won't even let your baby come home if you do not have the right car seat. You must bring it into the hospital. They have to check it over and make sure that one; it is in good condition and two; you actually know how to strap your baby safely into it. They will not let you out of the door until you have proven to them that you can do it. Remember that the baby goes in the car seat backwards.

You must make sure that you have formula for your baby on day one also. You may have started breast feeding in the hospital, but babies are finicky and anything can change. You wouldn't be the first mother that brought their baby home and the baby quit latching on and eating your milk. Have bottles and formula ready to go in case this happens.

Diapers are a must. Make sure you stock up on plenty of diapers before you even go to the hospital. You may have gotten different sizes at your shower, but having enough newborn and size one diapers around the house would be a great idea. They go through at least nine a day, so you want to be ready.

It is also important that you make sure that you have provided everyone with a time to come and see the baby. Day one is not that day. Both of you will be very tired and unfortunately, many people will not realize that and will be knocking on your door. You and the baby need rest and he or she does not need everyone picking them up. Make sure to follow these suggestions and your first day with your baby will be easier than you thought.