my-australian-dogs"This site is dedicated to KOKO and YANX, my two beloved companions - and couch potatoes!"

A little bit about me :) I'm Saki, and I live with my partner and out two beloved dogs (Yanx and Cococ) in the beatiful Aussie outback in South Australia. We live in a farm house surrounded by fields and mountains. We live mostly off grid, we grow our own food and my dogs are roaming the outdoors. And please excuse my English! I'm not a native speaker.

The Aussie Dogs Blog is a journal about our lives with the furry boys. Our stories are a realistic insight into the ups and downs of dog ownership and the happiness, challenges and griefs that go along with it. In some cases difficult and sad, sometimes thought provoking and challenging but most often enjoyable.

Our family farm is not fenced and usually the pups are outside. They are pretty smart so they stay always close to the house. We don't have Dingos in South Australia, but snakes are common. Our dogs have a vast environment to run and play but sometimes it seems it is nought enough for these two furry balls of energy. They are naughty on a regular basis!

Much Love! ❤️ Saki.