From the Planning Stages...
Available either in store or in the comfort of your home, we will meet with you to discuss your plans.  This is an opportunity for you to learn all the options available, and to see how they can be incorporated into your home.  We work within any budget, and our goal is to provide you exactly what you were dreaming of.
Home Theatre Design
This is a big part of what we do, there are so many options and so many products out there, we help bring it all together to meet your vision. 
We can adjust your components and speakers to match the room they are in.  Every room is different, so to maximize the potential of your system, calibration can be key.  As a result, voices in your movies are clearer, not muddled with background effects, no annoying 'echo' effect in great rooms, volume levels are balanced and so on.  We perform ISF calibration for all video displays.  This may be just what your existing system needs.
Remote Control Systems
Looking to consolidate all those remotes to just one?  How about using your tablet or phone to operate your system, the lights, your HVAC and more?  It really can be simple, we can program the system to operate what you want - the way you want
Home Automation/Integrated Audio
Looking for music throughout the house? Stream it live from your computer or tablet, or any other audio source you choose. Control your heating and lighting, curtains and sound with your phone, or from a remote control system designed for you and your family.  Inwall speakers, hidden wiring, and control systems can be installed whether it is new construction, or retrofitted to your existing space. Rely on our qualified installers to put it all together.
Our experienced, professional installers are ready to bring your system home to you.  It's so much more than delivery, we set up the equipment and then take the time to show you how to operate the system.  Even with existing equipment you already own, we can install it the way it should be.
Moving and Setup
Are you moving? Taking your home theatre or audio system with you? If so, and you would like it reinstalled in your new home, we can help. From packing up the equipment, sorting cables and speaker wire, to installing your system in your new place, either exactly as it was or in a new format for the new room.
Are you an audiophile? Do you love music? We love Hi-Fi, bring in your favourite LP, CD or downloaded music and audition the equipment you are considering. Often a side by side comparison reveals the details you were looking for, call us and make an appointment.