Ashland High School Theatrical Society

2018 Winter Production


Book by


Music and Lyrics by


Originally produced on the Broadway stage by Stuart Ostrow

Directed on the Broadway stage by Bob Fosse 

Theo Ending Originally Conceived In 1998 By Mitch Sebastian

With an infectiously unforgettable score from the four-time Grammy-winner, three-time Oscar-winner, and musical theatre giant Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Godspell, Children Of Eden), Pippin continues to captivate and appeal the young at heart throughout the world.

Heir to the Frankish throne, the young prince Pippin is in search of the secret to true happiness and fulfillment. He seeks it in the glories of the battlefield, the temptations of the flesh and the intrigues of political power. In the end, though, Pippin finds that happiness lies not in extraordinary endeavors, but rather in the un-extraordinary moments that happen every day. Pippin's message is universal and will connect with audiences across the age spectrum.

Friday, March 2 at 7PM
Saturday, March 3 at 7PM
Sunday, March 4 at 2PM

Snow Date: March 10 at 2PM

Directed by David E. Harrington

Production Staff

Musical Direction: Kim Whiteley
Choreography: Denise Sullivan
Scenic Design: David E. Harrington
 Technical, Lighting, Sound, Costume and Makeup Direction: David E. Harrington
Stage Manager: Cole Hebb
Assistant Director: Richard Abbott
Student Scenic Designer: Sophie Bronstein
Student Lighting Designer: Kaitlyn Ivory
Student Sound Designer: 
Student Costume Designer: Penny Kourniotis
Student Technical Director: Ricardo Fonseca
Deputy Stage Managers: Hallie Ivory, Felicia Cefalo
Assistant to the Scenic Designer: Summer Marmash
Assistant Student Costume Designer: Lauren Burke
Student Makeup Artist: Isabelle Agostinelli
Dance Captains: 
Light Board: 
Sound Board: Marcella Domiciano
Spot Light Operator: Natalia Ferraz
House Manager:
Head Usher: 
Box Office Manager: 
House Staff: Roberto Gomes

(in order of appearance)

Leading Player:

And a Band of Players who play all other roles:


Tuesday, December 5 at 2PM
Callbacks: Wednesday, December 6 at 2PM

Cast Size: Flexible, Large, Ensemble, Note the role of Leading Player can be of either gender.

Audition Principles

Every aspect of an AHSTS production, including auditions, is guided by our Mission.

Our Mission:

to cultivate participation in the program for academic enhancement, socialization outside the classroom, and program growth;
to produce challenging, professional and accessible productions;
to provide a welcoming, fair, respectful, and collaborative environment;
to teach and encourage leadership skills;
to provide high quality and valuable communal learning experiences.

In addition:

Students will not be excluded from being cast simply because they are inexperienced;
All students—regardless of grade—are welcome to audition;
Auditions will be open and public.

Audition Guidelines

Everyone in the theater hates auditions. Anyone with a grain of compassion hates them because you know that you are going to hurt someone’s feelings, no matter what you do. Unfortunately, no one has ever found a better way to cast a play. You have to audition.

Anyone auditioning will prepare a song from the show.

Song choices will be available in November. 

Choose a song from the choices given that are most appropriate to your range and temperament. Prepare your  song in advance and memorize it. Your audition should be an artful display of your acting and singing ability. Accompanying you when you audition will be a pianist or the recorded version of the song. We will determine this closer to the audition. 

We will look for four things when you audition:

1. Showing off your ability as a singer.
2. Demonstrating your abilities as a musician.
3. Using your skills as an actor.
4. Showing off your ability to carry a role.

Audition Songs

Female: TBD

Male: TBD

Posted below for download will be the audition material. The material includes:

1. Vocal Score for audition songs.
2. Scenes from the script that contain the audition songs and the play synopsis.
3. Karaoke tracks for practicing.

Anyone auditioning will need to print and download relevant material needed for the audition. AHSTS does not provide copies unless there are extenuating circumstances.