Ashland High School Theatrical Society

2017 Fall Production


by Tina Howe

Museum is a parable of humanity and a comedy of absurdities, a comment on the human condition. Museum is set in New York's Museum of Modern Art on the final day of three contemporary American artists’ group exhibition. We see a cross-section of people--among them are art lovers, skeptics, self-appointed critics, persnickety museum guards, and vandals. What brings them together is art. What we see is our capacity for demonstrating our own absurdity.

Friday, November 3 at 7PM
Saturday, November 4 at 7PM
Sunday, November 5 at 2PM

Directed by David E. Harrington

Production Staff

Sound Design, Scenic, Technical, Lighting and Makeup Direction : David E. Harrington
Stage Manager: Kaitlyn Ivory
Assistant Director: Aadish Joshi
Student Scenic Designer: Felicia Cefalo
Student Costume Designer: Emily Berestesky
Student Lighting Designer: Seth Colson
Student Sound Designer: Sophie Bronstein
Deputy Stage Managers: Marcella Domiciano, Justin Madison
Student Technical Director: Toby Finke
Assistant to the Student Scenic Designer: Lauren Burke
Assistant to the Student Costume Designer: Summer Marmash
Make-up Artist: Sophie Bronstein
Light Board: Ricardo Fonseca
Sound Board: Natalia Ferraz
House Manager: Lindsey Krasner
Head Usher: 
Box Office Manager:
House Staff: Roberto Gomes


Tuesday, September 5 at 2PM
Callbacks: Wednesday, September 6 at 2PM

Cast Size: 44 Characters, Doubling, Tripling

Audition Principles

Every aspect of an AHSTS production, including auditions, is guided by our Mission.

Our Mission:

to cultivate participation in the program for academic enhancement, socialization outside the classroom, and program growth;
to produce challenging, professional and accessible productions;
to provide a welcoming, fair, respectful, and collaborative environment;
to teach and encourage leadership skills;
to provide high quality and valuable communal learning experiences.

In addition:

Students will not be excluded from being cast simply because they are inexperienced;
All students—regardless of grade—are welcome to audition;
Auditions will be open and public.

Audition Guidelines

Everyone in the theater hates auditions. Anyone with a grain of compassion hates them because you know that you are going to hurt someone’s feelings, no matter what you do. Unfortunately, no one has ever found a better way to cast a play. You have to audition.

There are many audition methods, and each answers particular questions. We will play a series of games and create some simple scenes as the audition method.  This method is fair in that everyone starts from the same point and no one can prepare ahead of time. Anyone who walks in the door gets the same chance as anyone else. 

Students will not be cast or placed in a crew position if their Audition and/or Crew Forms are not in.