Ashland High School Theatrical Society

2017 Fall Production


by Tina Howe

Museum is a parable of humanity and a comedy of absurdities, a comment on the human condition. Museum is set in New York's Museum of Modern Art on the final day of three contemporary American artists’ group exhibition. We see a cross-section of people--among them are art lovers, skeptics, self-appointed critics, persnickety museum guards, and vandals. What brings them together is art. What we see is our capacity for demonstrating our own absurdity.

Friday, November 3 at 7PM
Saturday, November 4 at 7PM
Sunday, November 5 at 2PM

Directed by David E. Harrington

Production Staff

Scenic, Sound, Technical, Lighting and Makeup Direction : David E. Harrington
Stage Manager: Kaitlyn Ivory
Assistant Director: Aadish Joshi
Student Scenic Designer: Felicia Cefalo
Student Costume Designer: Emily Berestesky
Student Lighting Designer: Seth Colson
Student Sound Designer: Sophie Bronstein
Deputy Stage Managers: Marcella Domiciano, Justin Madison
Student Technical Director: Toby Finke
Assistant to the Student Scenic Designer: Lauren Burke
Assistant to the Student Costume Designer: Summer Marmash
Make-up Artist: Sophie Bronstein
Sound Board: Armando Libier
Production Assistant: Armando Libier
House Manager: Lindsey Krasner
Head Usher: Maria Guedes
Box Office Manager: Andrew Dunn
House Staff: Roberto Gomes, Anne Bernadette Fejer, Mary  O'Connell, Isabelle Agostinelli, Alon Efroni, Alex Banadyga, Anna Getman, Isabella Gerber, Anna Getman, Steven Lowd

(in order of appearance)

The Guard: Cole Hebb
Michael Wall: Richard Abbott
Jean-Claude: Filipe Sousa
Francoise: Carly Farrell
Annette Froebel: Adrianna Fawkes
Carol: Emma Pawl
Liz: Abby Williams 
Blakey: Analise Emhoff
Mr. Hollingsford: Jordan Castro
Elizabeth Sorrow: Melina Karpouzis
Peter Ziff: Matthew Ducharme
Mr. Salt: Daniel David
Mrs. Salt: Caroline Thorner
Maggie Snow: Ariana Seniuk
Bob Lamb: Peter Saxionis
Will Willard: David Celatka
Fred Izumi: Joseph Ahmadi 
Mira Zadal: Swathi Gorantla
First Person in Passing: Una Pluck
Second Person in Passing: Analise Emhoff
Barbara Zimmer: Katherine Twomey
Barbara Castle: Aoife Cannon
Mr. Gregory: Rishi Narayanan
Chloe Trapp: Adrianna Fawkes
Ada Bilditsky: Ariana Seniuk
Gilda Norris: Swathi Gorantla
Tink Solheim: Penny Kourniotis
Kate Siv: Melina Karpouzis
Bill Plaid: Daniel David
Lillian: Una Pluck
Harriet: Hallie Ivory
May: Emma Pawl
Giorgio: Filipe Sousa 
Zoe: Caroline Thorner
Julie Jenkins: Carly Farrell
First Guard: Jordan Castro
Second Guard: Rishi Narayanan
Steve Williams: Matthew Ducharme
An Elderly Couple: Abby Williams, David Celatka

Students will not be cast or placed in a crew position if their Audition and/or Crew Forms are not in.