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AHSTS Officer Responsibilities

Updated 3/15/2017
  • All Officers are expected to be at all Officer Meetings, Fundraising and Ad Sale Events, Banquet, Recruiting Events and Theatrical Society Productions.
  • All Officers are expected to maintain an atmosphere of respect and professionalism in their personal and interpersonal relationships—in and out of school, in order to maintain a positive reputation of the Theatrical Society.
  • Officers will be asked to give input into yearly long-term goals and objectives initiated by Adviser after installation of new officers but before the end of the school year.
  • Create an Election Board that will work with Adviser to run elections using election by-laws and to insure ethical conduct during production. Board must be made up of seniors, officers preferably but AHSTS senior members may serve if the need arises.
  • Officer meetings and voting can begin once a quorum is present but not before the scheduled time. A quorum will be considered 1/2 of the officer body. The Secretary or a designee shall take minutes and attendance. All officers are entitled to vote on motions, but not the Adviser. A motion must receive a majority of the vote to pass, and must be recorded by the Secretary as doing so.
Term of Office

The Term of Office for an Officer starts on the day of the AHSTS Banquet or the Tuesday after Memorial Day, whichever comes first.

Officer Elects
  • Elected AHSTS Officers are called “Elect” after their title.
  • Each Officer Elect serves from their day of election as an 'Officer Elect' until their Term of Office starts.
  • Officer Elect Responsibilities
    • Officer Elects will work with the current holder of their elected office to receive training.
    • Officer Elects will attend Officer Meetings if requested by the Adviser.
    • Officer Elects will help in the organizing and running of the AHSTS Banquet.
  • Run and sets up all meetings.
  • Represents AHSTS with administration.
  • Serve as a member of subcommittees and insures other officers fulfill responsibilities.
Vice President
  • Responsible for all fundraising activities, which include ads in programs.
  • Chairs meetings in absence of president.
  • Completely responsible for organizing any AHSTS trips.
  • Organizing ticket sales for fundraising events.
  • Responsible for training House Manager, Box Office Manager and Head Usher for each production.
Technical Director and Assistant Technical Director(s)
  • Completely responsible for maintaining theater and equipment.
  • Works with Adult TD on Main Stage productions as needed. 
  • Completely responsible for maintaining costume/prop storage area and dressing rooms.
  • Responsible for all letter writing and communications to AHSTS members, such as newsletters, thank you notes, and email when appropriate.
  • Responsible for taking minutes at meetings.
  • Responsible for arranging 'Thank You' Gifts and Cards for all adults involved in an AHSTS production.
  • Responsible for checking accuracy of AHSTS financial account provided by Student Activities Accountant.
  • Responsible for collecting money from Members, for example t-shirt sales, banquet deposits.
Removal of Officer
  • If any AHSTS Officer can not or refuses to meet his or her responsibilities as outlined in the AHSTS Handbook that officer may be removed from their position with approval of the AHSTS Adviser and a majority vote by the officers.