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AHSTS Elections

Election Scheduling

The Election Day for Officers is scheduled by the AHSTS Adviser at the beginning of each school year and is posted on the AHSTS website and calendar. AHSTS members may submit their names for consideration to the Adviser one week before Election Day. If a change in date has to be made, notice will be given to the membership via the AHSTS Website and school announcements at least one week in advance of the new Election date.

Running and Voting
  • All AHSTS members who benefit from fee reduction and do not find a least one business program ad for each production in which they are a company member of may not run in AHSTS Officer Elections and lose eligibility for Adviser and MVP awards. (As AHSTS is no longer a fee-based activity, this rule has been suspended until further notice.)
  • Any AHSTS member may vote in the Officer Elections.
  • The Technical Director and Assistant Technical Director officer positions will be appointed by the AHSTS Adviser from eligible and qualified members.
  • In the event of a tie, the AHSTS Adviser shall make the final choice on the position. If a tie does arise, the AHSTS Adviser and Election Board will not make it publicly known.
  • AHSTS members may only run for one officer position.
Election Code of Conduct

The overriding goal of the Code of Conduct is to create an atmosphere where a fair, open, and positive election can be held.
  • All nominees are expected to maintain an atmosphere of respect and professionalism in their personal and interpersonal relationships-in and out of school-in order to maintain a positive reputation of the Theatrical Society during elections.
  • Any attempt to smear, discredit, or in anyway conduct activities that hurt the reputation of a AHSTS candidate by an AHSTS member shall result in disqualification and expulsion from AHSTS.
  • During the Election Day nominees who are running against someone for a position must make a speech.
  • Questions may not be asked during or after a nominee’s speech, but all AHSTS members are encouraged to speak to any nominee during the week before voting to ask questions about his/her candidacy.
  • Nominees should keep speeches short-two minutes or so due to the short attention span of the membership. Their content may only include references to their qualifications.
  • The Drama Adviser and his/her election appointees may not in any way attempt to influence the results of the elections.
  • AHSTS members may only vote after-school during the elections unless they have previously arranged an Absentee Ballot with the Theatrical Society Adviser. Absentee Ballots will be available on Election Day only and at the discretion of the Theatrical Society Adviser.
Special Elections
  • If an elected AHSTS Officer position is unfilled either through resignation, removal, or a lack of a candidate, then the AHSTS Officers may vote to hold a Special Election to fill the position.
  • Special Elections follow the same guidelines as normal Elections, with the following exceptions:
    • AHSTS Members will have a week after the Special Election is announced (via both the AHSTS website and school announcements) to put their names forth for consideration.
    • Special Elections will be held within two weeks after the Special Election is announced. The AHSTS Adviser will set the date and communicate it via the AHSTS Website and school announcements.
    • Candidates do not have to give a speech on Special Election Day.
    • Voting will take place between 2PM-230PM on Special Election Day.