AHSTS Production Commitment

Students who take part in a Theatrical Society production are making the serious personal commitment that their participation in the production is a priority in their lives.

Parental consent is required for student participation in Theatrical Society productions. 

When a student commits to a Theatrical Society production and parents consent to their child's participation, both parties understand and agree to the following:

Academic Eligibility

-If a student does not meet Academic Eligibility for student participation in extracurricular activities, they may be replaced. 

Conduct and Effort

-Students are required to give their best to make the production a success and act with integrity and professionally at all times.

-If a student's conduct is in violation of school rules as detailed in the AHS Student Handbook, they may be replaced at the discretion of the adviser.

Attendance and Health

-Production Schedule events will take place after-school, evenings, and weekends.

-Students are required to be present, on-time, and stay for the entirety of every aspect of a Production Schedule as required by the director; be it rehearsals, set-construction, performances or strike. 

-Students and parents cannot schedule activities that conflict with student participation in the Production Schedule once students are placed in a position or role. Absences, tardiness, leaving early and failure to document scheduling conflicts (either by parents or students) will result in a student being replaced.

-To participate in AHSTS activities students must be at school by 9:45 or not dismissed prior to 11:15 w/out Principal approval.

-No exceptions will be granted for missing Technical Rehearsals, Dress Rehearsals or Performances.

-Students are expected to maintain good health and be well-rested throughout the production process. 

Set, Costumes, Props

-All members of a production will be called upon to help in the construction of the set and provide help in acquiring costumes and props.

-You agree to sell your soul to Mr. Harrington