We are an independent theatre company aiming to create, collaborate, support, & make a positive impact!


2019 Frost Bites Site Specific Winter Performance Festival

anamnesis: a recalling to the mind; a remembrance of the past.

February 14-17


HamilTEN Festival
Dale the Unicorn
A Collaborative Comedy
April 5-7

2019 CAFF Tour:
The ADHD Project - Orlando, FL
The ADHD Project - National AccessAbility Week - Edmonton
Scaredy Cat - London, ON
Scaredy Cat - Ottawa, ON
The ADHD Project - Toronto, ON
The ADHD Project - Winnipeg, MA
The ADHD Project - Saskatoon, SK
Scaredy Cat - Victoria, BC
Scaredy Cat - Vancouver, BC


We love to create new and innovative work to promote thought, discussion and very often laughter :) 



We are dedicated to supporting emerging artists and our community. We strive to promote one another's projects and productions and see as much new work by other passionate teams as often as we can. This support is not limited to fellow theatre makers, and includes companies and local businesses who are brave enough to set out on their creative path.


Collaboration is a beautiful thing in the arts! We believe artists were meant to build each other up. Regardless of ability or stage in your process, everyone has something to offer an ensemble. Our philosophy is simple, "look to your left, look to your right, those two people will make you a better performer". 

Past Productions


We aim to make a positive impact on our community. Through raising awareness of social justice issues as well as annual volunteer initiatives. We strive to make a real difference and promote change in our communities.