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Get ready for a comedy of errors!

Theatre Knight's presents "Play On!" a full length comedy by Rick Abbott

This is the hilarious story of a theater group trying desperately to put on the production Murder Most Foul,

in spite of maddening interference from a haughty authoress who keeps revising the script!


Time Period: Present Day, Victorian (British and American)

Duration: 90 minutes

Setting: The Stage of a Community Theatre.

Additional Features: Physical Comedy

Features / Contains: Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes, Period Costumes

Casting (3m, 7f)

GERALDINE "GERRY" DUNBAR - a community theatre director. (225 lines)

Aryanna Hallee

SAUL WATSON ("Doctor Rex Forbes") - a Villain. (168 lines)

Nicholas Clough

VIOLET IMBRY ("Diana Lassiter") - an Ingenue. (153 lines)]

Rain Cutting

POLLY BENISH ("Lady Margaret") - a Character Actress. (151 lines)

Chloe Beaudet

BILLY CAREWE ("Stephen Sellers") -a Juvenile. (148 lines)

Nicholas Horning

AGGIE MANVILLE - a stage manager and prompter. (107 lines)

Sasha Drakoulakos

HENRY BENISH ("Lord Dudley") - a Character Actor. (104 lines)

Brady Krause

MARLA "SMITTY" SMITH ("Doris the maid") - a supporting player. (80 lines)

Hailey Glowacki

PHYLLIS MONTAGUE - a novice playwright in the community. (75 lines)

Tatyana Ireri

LOUISE PEARY - a sound-and-lighting-and-scenic technician. (74 lines)

Kerrigan Davis

Male Understudy: Derin Thomas

Female Understudy: Nayelys Rodriguez