How To List Your Show Here, FREE!

All listings are FREE on this site, otherwise known as  / or

If you wish to have a listing added to the WHAT"S ON pages of this website please email a relatively brief description of your production in the following format to:  tangneyniall (@) . This would be very helpful and save a lot of time editing/transcribing from press releases from hundreds of theatres.

Submit your listing in this format:

TITLE IN CAPITALS by playwright/adapter, directed by DirectorsName. via TheatreCompany
Start date - end date (eg.Oct 4 - Nov 16) at NameOfTheatre, 10 NameOfSt, Town ($??Ticket price
One paragraph description of the show + information on the show’s suitability for any particular age group. etc.. etc.
etc. etc.
etc. etc.

NOTE: you can also include a link to your Facebook event page if you have one.

Also,please include any Twitter account associated with your theatre company or with your specific play.

And please include the specific ticketing link...  (eg. Trybooking, Ticketek, Tickmaster etc etc...)