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All listings are FREE on this website ( www.theatresydney.info ) which is an attempt, begun in July 2010, to be of assistance to the theatre community and the general public of Sydney & NSW, Australia. The reason for creating this site was based on;
gratitude for the work of the tireless (& often low-paid & undervalued) artists in the theatre community
the need to let the general public know what's happening in theatres near them in Sydney & NSW
a desire to help theatremakers collectively promote theatre to the world at no cost
4) the realisation that advertising on the internet need not be a costly thing for theatres to do
5) appreciating the simple technological beauty of the hyperlink, as first best-appreciated by Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the WWWeb

Theatremakers already spend money on their own websites, and after appreciating their generally dire financial circumstances in the first place, it was decided a simple site like this would be helping both them and the general public.
It brings together an ever-increasing number of websites related to theatre in the Sydney and NSW communities in the one spot, so that this information is easier to find.  Hopefully this effort has and will continue to increase audiences for theatre in NSW.
If you would like to contribute links & or information, or send any feedback, please email: niall @ theatresydney .info 
I trust this site will help you find a show to enjoy!
Also, you may wish to follow  @niall_tangney on Twitter  for regular tweets on mostly theatre-related  topics.

You may also find these websites useful;

http://www.sydney.com/events-performances Sydney.com Performances Search via  Destination NSW (the NSW Gov't's Tourism body)
http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/genre.aspx?c=2042 Ticketek Ticketing Agency ('theatre' category link)
http://stagecenta.com/ Stage Centa / Australia wide
http://www.theatrenow.com.au Theatre Now  - Sydney focussed
http://www.australianstage.com.au Australian Stage
http://www.stagenoise.com.au Stage Noise with Diana Simmonds
http://footlights.ita.org.au/theatre/?url= Footlights - calendar of West Australian independent theatre
http://www.communitytheatre.com.au The Association of Community Theatre
http://www.bcl.com.au/brisbane/brisbane-whats-on/theatre-queensland.htm Links to theatres in Brisbane & Gold Coast (Queensland)

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