Southern Corridor Project Company

Eko is an independent arts organisation building socially engaged arts projects in Aotearoa / New Zealand.  

The artistic community of Eko is professional & emerging artists working in different fields including visual arts, photography & theatre. 

Images: TOP - by Sean Matthews  - Heather Timms watching the Tape Art Mural progressing, Wellington East Girls College, Dec 2009

Bottom: by Erin Taylor - Maria Rose Mac Donald - devising workshop, Bagpipers Hall, Aug 2010

Heather Timms, Director & Producer

Helen Mitchell, Photographer and Mentor

Penny Fitt, Production Designer
Teina Moetara, Dramaturg
Paul Bradley, Installation Artist
Daniel James, Sound Design

Jennifer Lal, Light Design

Erica Duthie, Tape Artist

Lisa Maule, Producer

Mihaere Kirby, Community Advisor - Maori

Matariki Whaterau, Actor

Mohamed Osman, Actor - Emerging practitioner
Ummy Amin, Actor - Emerging practitioner
Alana Kelly, Rehearsal Assistant - Internship
Shaun Matthews, Photographer - Mentee
Lance Shepherd, Photographer - Mentee
Ashley Church, Photographer - Mentee
Erin Taylor, Photographer - Mentee 

Teina Moetara (Dramaturg - Southern Corridor Project) being interviewed by Te Kaea, Maori TV at the event at Wellington East Girls College in December 2009.  Image: Lance Shepherd

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