Community Participants

Eko Theatre is an independent arts organisation set up to build participatory arts projects based in Aotearoa / New Zealand and create high quality new artistic work.

The following people and networks are supporting The Southern Corridor Project.

Local Maori community leaders, the community bodies they lead and their whanau & networks

Tapu Te Ranga Marae August 2010 images by Ashley Church

Bruce Stewart. Tapu Te Ranga Marae – Island Bay

Jim Moriarty. Te Rakau Hua O Te Wao Tapu – Newtown

Catherine Love. Wellington Tenths Trust – Te Ati Awa

Neville Baker. Te Ruanganui o Taranaki Whanui – Te Ati Awa

Blossom Tropman. Te Menenga Pai Trust – Newtown

Tamati Cains. Te Ata Hou Trust – South Wellington.

Local Somali community leaders, the community bodies they represent and their networks -

Adam Award - Director. Somali Council

Abdi Fatah - Somali Council Co-Ordinator

Diane Garrett - Somali Community Social Worker

Faduma Moallin – Ethnic Youth Study centre Co-ordinator

Sado Mohamed – Interpreter & Women’s Group Leader


School leaders, the Maori & Somali school community and their whanau & networks –

Ms Sally Haughton - Wellington East Girls College

Fr Paul Martin - Rongotai College

Mr Michael Debney - South Wellington Intermediate School

Mr Mark Potter - Berhampore Primary School

Mr Perry Rush - Island Bay Primary School

Images of Southern Corridor Project Events clockwise: Wellington East Girls College Arts Centre (in collaboration with Rongotai) Dec 2009, Berhampre Primary School courtyard Nov 2009,Wellington East Girls College Arts Centre (in collaboration with Rongotai) dec 2009, South Wellington Intermediate class room Sep 2009

With six core values embedded in our work Eko Theatre wants to foster voices of diversity and encourage openness. Somalian Language Core Values
This is our first project and we invite feedback, queries and expressions of interest, so please contact us.
Kotahitanga      Kaitiakitanga     Whakapono      Manaakitanga      Rangatiratanga      Respect