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Work programme

Theatre Art for Education, Personal Development and
European Citizenship
2015 – 1 – RO01 – KA201 - 015114
Students’ meeting in Cerceda, Spain
Meeting period: 24th – 28th April 2017
Lower Secondary School – „Solidarity”, Poland
Bojarzyńska Ewa – teacher
Waśkiewicz Katarzyna – teacher
Michał Kryjan - student
Julita Andrysewicz - student
Sebastian Bienasz - student
Gabriel Zdanewicz - student
Hubert Woźniewski - student
CPI O Cruce, Spain
Milagros Trigo Miranda - headteacher
Juan Manuel Blanco Vázquez – teacher
o Improving self-confidence and communication skills of teenagers for a better
interaction with others through understanding and practicing the non-verbal
communication; identifying and control the emotions for conflict management using
theatrical techniques
Students’ meeting: Each group of students will prepare monologues or a mini-play or a
dramatization of a story illustrating the habits, traditions, history of other country from the
24Th April
The 24th April Polish teachers and students visited the School, the head-teacher
showed the classes of Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary, the sports center, gym
and swimming pool
After that students year 3 Secondary read the book “Around the world in eighty days”
the idea was to make a book trailer, but we didn’t have enough time because a
company expert in theatre came the the school and in the auditorium students took
part in the performance “ Around the world in eight days”. Students really enjoyed the
After school teachers and students went to the beach
25 Th April
School trip to Combarro is a typical small town with traditional buildings called
“horreos”, Pontevedra id a beatiful small town, students visited romanic churches the
museum and Santiago de Compostela is the capital of Galicia , here ends the Road to
Santiago a famous pilgrimage Road, every year millions of Europeans visit the
cathedral. There are few films about this topic “ The way” Students enjoyed our
landscape, towns and monuments.
26 Th April
9,30: Students prepared the performance “ Around the world in eighty days , they
performed it and we recorded it. The sound was not good
13,30 - Meeting with a magician. A Magician showed students some tricks and they
became helpers in his performance
After ( 16:30) school Visit to Monte de San Pedro and Torre of Hercules
27 Th April
Preparing our monologues
Workshop about monologues. An expert came to school and with the help of
mindmaps taught students to create monologues. (learning by doing)
Students did monologues about Sweden and Italy ( Spain and Poland were already
prepared by Spanish students)
Students performed the monologues
We shared materials done in both schools (theatre performances)
Improving our English Polish students were in a class of English with Spanish students
17,00 – Visit to A Coruña ( Santa Cristina, Santa Cruz, los jardines...)
28 TH April
Creating a book trailer using iPads
Visit to the Owl Museum
Lunch and departures