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Work programme

 Theatre Art for Education, Personal Development and

European Citizenship

2015 – 1 – RO01 – KA201 - 015114

Students’ meeting in Korycin, Poland

Meeting period: 23rd – 29th October 2016

Agenda meeting



  •  Developing artistic skills, creativity, spontaneity, highlight native intelligence and positive thinking of youth by facing with different relationship between characters in exercises of “putting in another’s shoes” and of improvisation and concentration
  •  Improving personal abilities of interacting and building bridges of trust by working in a team with people of different culture and traditions, through theatrical games

Students’ meeting: Students will prepare a play, acting as director (having the responsibility for the overall practical and creative interpretation of a dramatic script), scene decorator, make-up person, actors etc.

Workshop’s subject: Artistic education – the relationship between characters; improvisation and theatrical intelligence.  Debates on artistic relationship between characters used as models for children and teenagers education.


     Meeting agenda

*        Sunday 23rd October - Arrival of partners (Spain and Romania)

*        Monday 24th October

·         8.15 - Meeting  of all  participants of the project; knowing each other

·         9.10 - Visiting the school

·         10.30 - Students participate to the first lesson – exercises for stimulating creativity; first day for preparing the play

·         Lunch in the school canteen

·         Stroll around  Korycin

·         Integration campfire

·         Dinner in the accommodation


*        Tuesday 25th October

·         8.15 Arrival to school; Students participate in the second lesson – improvisation exercises; second day for preparing the play


*        Wednesday 26th October

·         8.15 Arrival at school; Students participate in the third lesson – stage movement; third day for preparing the play

·         teachers’ meeting (students have free activities)

o   analyse of the project unfolding

o   establish the next steps of the project


*        Thursday 27th October

·         Arrival to school; Students participate to the fourth lesson - exercises to improve their capacity to work in team; fourth day for preparing the play

·         Preparing the play – last repetitions



*        Friday 28th October

·         Reprezentation of the play prepared by students and recording it

·         Final conclusions, handing out certificates, evaluation of the meeting


*        Saturday 29th October – Departure of Romanian and Spanish guests