The Atlanta Buddhism Association


Our Association is a non-profit organization with the following objectives:

1. To study and promote Buddhism, not 

    limited to one particular branch of sect.
2. To conduct and maintain Buddhism 

    activities on its own behalf or contribute to 

    or otherwise assist other corporations, 

    organizations and institutions carrying on 

    such activities. 
3. To maintain a proper place of worship and

    teaching for those individuals who believe

    in the teachings of Buddha and who live 

    according to the tenets of Buddhism. 



I.  學習與傳播佛陀的教導. 不分宗派, 護  持正信三寶

II. 團聚法友. 定期共修與舉辦法會並參 與其他佛教團體的活動

III. 嚴道場提供禮拜三寶,修學佛法的清淨場所.