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Monday, April 1, 2013 Amaturo Theater, at Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 S.W. 5th Ave., Fort Lauderdale. For more information visit www.browardcenter.org
Along with New York's Drama Desk and Chicago's Joseph Jefferson Awards, the Carbonell Awards are among the nation’s senior regional arts awards and predate others including Washington, D.C.'s Helen Hayes Awards. The Carbonell Awards fosters the artistic growth of professional theater in South Florida by celebrating the diversity of our theater artists, providing educational scholarships, and building audience appreciation and civic pride by highlighting achievements of our theater community. Named after Manuel Carbonell, an internationally-renowned sculptor, who designed the original solid bronze and marble award in 1976, each season volunteer panelists and judges choose nominees and recipients from hundreds of shows produced on stages throughout the tri-county area.
The Carbonell Awards is a not-for-profit organization and is funded by tax-deductible donations and award sponsorships. Opportunities to sponsor an award category and appear on stage to announce the next years winners are still available.  Email: carbonellhotline@gmail.com for more information.

Best New Work (play or musical)
Baby GirL, Kim Ehly, Kutumba Theatre Project
A Measure of Cruelty, Joe Calarco, Mosaic Theatre
Moscow, Michael McKeever, Zoetic Stage
Off Center of Nowhere, David Sirois, Alliance Theatre Lab
roomies, Mark Della Ventura, Alliance Theatre Lab
Best Production of a Play
A Delicate Balance, Palm Beach Dramaworks
The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Caldwell Theatre Company
I Am My Own Wife, Zoetic Stage
Moscow, Zoetic Stage
Ruined, GableStage
Best Director/Play
Joseph Adler, Ruined, GableStage
William Hayes, A Delicate Balance, Palm Beach Dramaworks
Margaret M. Ledford, The Turn of the Screw, The Naked Stage
Margaret M. Ledford, The Unseen, The Promethean Theatre
Stuart Meltzer, I Am My Own Wife, Zoetic Stage
Best Actor/Play
John Archie, Driving Miss Daisy, Plaza Theatre
Dennis CreaghanA Delicate BalancePalm Beach Dramaworks  
Ethan Henry, King Hedley II, M Ensemble  
Brandon Morris, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Caldwell Theatre Company  
Tom Wahl, I Am My Own Wife, Zoetic Stage
Best Actress/Play
Katherine AmadeoThe Turn of the Screw, The Naked Stage
Lela Elam, Ruined, GableStage  
Betsy Graver, Venus in Fur, GableStage
Harriet OserDriving Miss Daisy, Plaza Theatre  
Laura Turnbull, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, Palm Beach
Best Supporting Actor/Play
Alex Alvarez, The Motherf**ker with the Hat, GableStage  
Alex Alvarez, The Unseen, The Promethean Theatre  
Matthew KorinkoRumors, Stage Door Theatre  
Kevin ReilleyThe Birds, Mosaic Theatre  
Robert Strain, Ruined, GableStage  
Best Supporting Actress/Play
Renata EastlickRuined, GableStage  
Lela Elam, Moscow, Zoetic Stage  
Elena Maria GarciaMoscowZoetic Stage  
Angie Radosh, A Delicate Balance, Palm Beach Dramaworks
Jade Wheeler, Ruined, GableStage  
Best Production of a Musical
Cabaret, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Cabaret Verboten, Arts Garage
Hello Dolly!, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
The Music Man, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Next to Normal, Actors’ Playhouse
Best Director/Musical
David AriscoNext to Normal, Actors’ Playhouse
Jeremy Lawrence, Cabaret Verboten, Arts Garage
J. Barry Lewis, The Fantasticks, Palm Beach Dramaworks
Mark Martino, The Music Man, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Marsha Milgrom Dodge, Hello Dolly!, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Best Actor/Musical
Jim Ballard, The Fantasticks, Palm Beach Dramaworks  
Josh Canfield, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Actors’ Playhouse  
Matthew William ChizeverMy Fair Lady, Stage Door Theatre  
Matt LoehrThe Music Man, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Christopher Kent, The Last Five Years, Actors’ Playhouse  
Best Actress/Musical
Mandy Bruno, The Music Man, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Janet DacalThe Last Five Years, Actors’ Playhouse  
Jodie LangelNext to Normal, Actors’ Playhouse  
Vicki Lewis, Hello Dolly!, Maltz Jupiter Theatre  
Kate ShindleCabaret, Maltz Jupiter Theatre  
Best Supporting Actor/Musical
Cliff Burgess, The Fantasticks, Palm Beach Dramaworks  
Nick DuckartNext to Normal, Actors’ Playhouse  
Wayne LegetteCabaret Verboten, Arts Garage  
Matt LoehrHello Dolly!, Maltz Jupiter Theatre  
Dennis O’BannionThe Music Man, Maltz Jupiter Theatre  
Best Supporting Actress/Musical
Sarah AmengualNext to Normal, Actors’ Playhouse
Amy Miller Brennan, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Actors’
Daniella DalliHello Dolly!, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Elizabeth DimonThe Music Man, Maltz Jupiter Theatre  
Angie Radosh, Cabaret, Maltz Jupiter Theatre  
Musical Direction/Musical
Eric AlsfordNext to Normal, Actors’ Playhouse
Craig Ames, The Fantasticks, Palm Beach Dramaworks
Helen Gregory, Hello Dolly!, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Emmanuel SchvartzmanThe Last Five YearsActors’ Playhouse
Anne ShuttleworthThe Music Man, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Dave Campbell, All Night Strut, Stage Door Theatre
Barbara FlatenJoseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Actors’ Playhouse
Marsha Milgrom Dodge, Hello Dolly!, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Shea Sullivan, The Music Man, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Jennifer Werner, Cabaret, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Best Scenic Design/play or musical
Michael AmicoTalley’s Folly, Palm Beach Dramaworks
Lyle Baskin, Ruined, GableStage
Tim Bennett, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Caldwell Theatre Company
Michael McKeever, I Am My Own Wife, Zoetic Stage
Phillip Whitcomb, Amadeus, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Best Lighting Design/play or musical
Ron Burns, Talley’s Folly, Palm Beach Dramaworks
Luke KlingbergI Am My Own Wife, Zoetic Stage
Margaret M. Ledford, The Turn of the Screw, The Naked Stage
Jeff Quinn, Ruined, GableStage
Ben Wilhelm, Death and Harry Houdini, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing
Best Costume Design/play or musical
Alberto Arroyo, Moscow, Zoetic Stage
Gail BaldoniHello Dolly!, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Jose M. Rivera, The Music Man, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Fabio TobliniAmadeus, Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Ellis Tillman, Ruined, GableStage
Best Sound Design/play or musical
Matt Corey, The Birds, Mosaic Theatre
Matt Corey, A Steady Rain, GableStage
Matt Corey, The Unseen, The Promethean Theatre
Phil Pallazzolo, David Hart, Last Call, First Step Productions
Thomas M. ShorrockThe Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Caldwell Theatre
Best Ensemble Production (play or musical)
Cabaret Verboten, Arts Garage
The Pitmen Painters, Palm Beach Dramaworks
roomies, Alliance Theatre Lab
Rumors, Broward Stage Door
Twentieth Century Way, Island City Stage
Nominations by County
45        Palm Beach    
42        Miami-Dade   
13        Broward         
Nominations by Theater
23        Maltz Jupiter Theatre 
12        Actors’ Playhouse      
12        GableStage     
12        Palm Beach Dramaworks       
10        Zoetic Stage   
4          Arts Garage
4          Caldwell Theatre Company
4          Stage Door Theatre    
3          Alliance Theatre Lab  
3          Mosaic Theatre           
3          The Naked Stage       
3          Promethean Theatre   
2          Plaza Theatre  
1          Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
1          First Step Productions                       
1          Island City Stage       
1          Kutumba Theatre Project       
1          M Ensemble   
Nominations by Production
9          The Music Man  Maltz Jupiter Theatre          
9          Ruined  GableStage               
8          Hello, Dolly!  Maltz Jupiter Theatre
6          Next to Normal  Actors’ Playhouse   
5          I Am My Own Wife  Zoetic Stage      
5          Moscow  Zoetic Stage            
4          Cabaret  Maltz Jupiter Theatre          
4          Cabaret Verboten  Arts Garage         
4          A Delicate Balance  Palm Beach Dramaworks          
4          The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity  Caldwell Theatre Company
4          The Fantasticks  Palm Beach Dramaworks    
3          Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  Actors’Playhouse                      
3          The Last Five Years  Actors’ Playhouse                    
3          The Turn of the Screw  The Naked Stage      
3          The Unseen  The Promethean Theatre           
2          Amadeus  Maltz Jupiter Theatre                    
2          The Birds  Mosaic Theatre     
2          Driving Miss Daisy  Plaza Theatre     
2          roomies  Alliance Theatre Lab           
2          Rumors  Stage Door Theatre 
1          All Night Strut  Stage Door Theatre   
1          Baby GirL  Kutumba Theatre Project            
1          Death and Harry Houdini  Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing
1          The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds  PalmBeach  Dramaworks      
1          King Hedley II  M Ensemble  
1          Last Call  First Call Productions        
1          Twentieth Century Way  Island City Stage    
1          A Measure of Cruelty  Mosaic Theatre           
1          The Motherf**ker with the Hat  GableStage              
1          My Fair Lady  Stage Door Theatre                
1          Off Center of Nowhere  Alliance theatre Lab
1          The Pitmen Painters  Palm Beach Dramaworks        
1          Talley’s Folly  Palm Beach Dramaworks                   
1          A Steady Rain  GableStage    
1          Venus in Fur  GableStage
Double Nominees
Alex Alvarez,:  Best Supporting Actor (2)
Lela Elam: Best Actress; Best Supporting Actress
Matt Loehr:  Best Actor, Musical; Best Supporting Actor, Musical
Michael McKeever:  Scenic Design; Best New Work
Marcia Milgrom Dodge:, Best Director; Choreography
Angie Radosh:  Best Actress, Play; Best Supporting Actress, Musical
Triple Nominees
Matt Corey: Best Sound (4)
Margaret M. Ledford:  Best Director (2),  Best Lighting  (2)


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Cameron's articles have featured conversations with Tony Award winning Producer Stewart Lane, Emmy Award winning Casting Director Jeff Greenberg, multiple Broadway and TV stars and creative teams bringing arts lovers together around the world for the largest social media arts movement.  Tag you're it!  Subscribe and share with your arts community.