Resolving your copy of the As-If Virus accnt=indigo_immortals@y

In order to kill 285,000 of our family each day, without feeling any discomfort, we have to be in a coma since birth. The As-if psychical VIRUS is cure-able or I would not be able to speak ABOUT it. The adaptive nature of human psycho-anatomical attributes has it that hypnosis is a psychically relativistic phenomenon.
Just like human truth used to be that earth is/was are not NOW conscious and have not been CONSCIOUS your entire physical existence. Worse, everyone you know has it too! It's a dead giveaway; it's the acting as if nothing is wrong virus aka acting and deceiving modality.

It is normal to resist change and rising fear doesn't help. Death has your core program in its grip. This explains why death is not a problem for you. Your choice about it has been deleted. You don't really need a lot of explanation; you already know.