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STORY COUNT 5th May 2012 - 32

I am Sarah Ann Paterson, daughter of Margaret Ann Green and Stanley John Paterson.  The majority of stories will relate to the Greens and the Patersons.
  Other families are Gardner, Knibbs, & Brain. 

To protect my living relatives online, the relationship of the person in the story to their living relative should not be identifiable from the story.   No stories are of living relatives or mention living relatives.  I do not update the main content of the site very often so to find out if I have further or updated info on that person, check the blog too.

The stories take many formats depending upon all of the research found or in many cases not found.  The majority of my ancestors were agricultural labourers, domestic servants or coal miners.  A few were born in the workhouse and lots died in them.  However, in amongst the dust are some real gems.  The interesting gems are usually the most frustrating to prove and often end up as dead ends.  Here lies the ulterior motive for this site.  If you can answer any of my questions in these stories - please contact me!

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Common Ancestors

Names 4 8 16 32 64 128
In Common Grandparent Gt Grandparent 2nd Gt Grandparent 3rd Gt Grandparent 4th Gt Grandparent 5th Gt Grandparent
Birth 1900-1925 1865-1893 1830-1872 1785-1846 1768-1819 1730-1788
I have 4 8 16 32 51 68
Check 0 0 0 0 -13 -60
% 100% 100% 100% 100% 80% 53%

1st Cousin 2nd Cousin 3rd Cousin 4th Cousin 5th Cousin 6th Cousin

Paterson London 1901 King Rhonda 1865 Thornton Gloucs. 1830 Mustart Stirling 1791 Paton 1765 Ridley Somerset 1730

Robbins Yorkshire 1909 Robinson Yorkshire 1870 Evans Glamorgan 1835 Harper Gloucs. 1804 Meredith Gloucs. 1784 Mennel Yorkshire 1770

Green Sussex 1924 Turfitt Rutland 1879 Wilkinson Pembroke 1845 Day Somerset 1804 Skillen Somerset 1775 Harland

Snelling  Sussex 1922 Nicholls London 1893 Wickham Yorkshire 1843 Sutton Glamorgan 1810 Jones Somerset 1789 Hodgson Yorkshire 1769

Carley Sussex 1854 Jones Somerset 1789 Trueman Yorkshire 1796 Kimber Sussex 1765

Pell Lincolnshire 1843 Evans Richardson Yorkshire 1780 Lewis Sussex 1757

Taylor Sussex 1872 Moorsom Yorkshire 1817 Banks Sussex 1787 Craft Sussex 1739

Harris Essex 1858 Storm Yorkshire 1814 Hubbard Sussex 1784 Geall Sussex 1765

Osbon Sussex 1818 Weston Sussex 1769 Elsom Lincoln 1750

Barber Sussex 1825 Arnold Sussex 1796 Hawton Lincoln 1757

Suter Rutland 1819 Scotney Lincoln 1784 Langridge Sussex 1788

Barber Lincoln 1800 Archer Lincoln 1768 Thorn Sussex 1785

Shelley Sussex 1846
Dicks Sussex 1820 Ashby Sussex 1772

Stapleton Sussex 1842
Martin Sussex 1819 Carter Sussex 1773

Smith Notts 1836
Lyes Sussex 1803 Sayer London 1771

Wilson Essex 1839
Malthouse Sussex 1819 Smith

Moses London 1808 Bartlett Notts 1774

Pettifer Notts 1816

Arnold Herts 1805

Other Names

Gardner Tee Fearn Goodman Tredgett

Knibbs/Ashley Walton Holdaway Clark Fawcett Brenchley Watts
Brain Saddleton Luckhurst Holland Swan Pincott Tucknott

However a lot of people are in the stories that aren't listed above so it is probably easier to enter the name into the search button in the top right corner.  The search button is also very useful for searching places, occupations, etc.  Or for the genealogy behind the stories as @ 03/05/14:-