August 2017


Elizabeth Potvin is a watercolour artist based in Kanata, Ontario, Canada.  She paints landscapes, florals and whimsical pieces in
her signature style. Her sensitive renderings, infused with a vibrancy of colour and movement, reflect the joy she
derives from her work.  

Elizabeth is a founding member of the Kanata Civic Art Gallery where her work can be seen regularly. 
She has also
been member of the highly successful Kanata Artists Studio Tour (KAST) which has been running for 25 years. 
The show takes place each year during the first weekend in May. In 2016, the 25th anniversary year, the show was
under one roof at William's Court in Kanata and included past and future Artists.

A winner of many awards she is also Fellow of the Ottawa Watercolour Society.

August 2017, 
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Prices, April 2016 + November  (will be updated soon)

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